Farewell Speech by Students : 3 Templates

Usually, while the students are passing from 12th or finishing college, they are given a farewell by the school and their juniors as well. In this farewell meeting the students express their views on school life and how are they going to miss the school and college.

These speeches are supposed to be brief and also very emotional in nature as it deals with memories and lessons from the past.

When you are leaving your school or college or any other institution after completing your studies there you need to deliver a farewell speech to the principal, teachers, and your friends. Here, we have provided some farewell speeches for that purpose to you.

You can mention your first memories in your school or institution, how your teachers have helped in your studies and guided you in your life, and how much you will miss the fun adventure trips with your friends in your speech.

You can also thank the principal and teaching faculty for being supportive and kind to you.

Speech Template: 1

A very good morning one and all. 

Respected Principal, Dean, the teaching faculties, and my dear friends, a warm welcome. Today we all have gathered here to wish outgoing students joy and happiness as we are to begin a new chapter in our lives. I’m obliged to have received this opportunity to give this speech and share my experiences on behalf of our department.

It seems like yesterday when we joined this college like reluctant caterpillars when our parents dropped us off at the college hostel. And then time just started to fly so quickly. The four years of our lives just flew away fast.

When we look back at this wonderful journey, we remember the morning bell, lunch hours where the day scholars used to get extra tiffins for the hostellers, those long queues in the cafeteria, the evening walks, nighttime snacks, night-long chats, and many more.

It was fun then but now it’s going to be the memories that we cherish throughout. Also, the industrial visits were no less than the fun trips, the college sports day and cultural events were great fun.

It’s not just memories but also the lessons will have a great impact on our transformation to be an adult and our college without a doubt has made me an independent person and tough enough to face the difficulties that will come over time.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying wherever we go, we butterflies with their flight would make our college proud, always. Thank you All!

farewell speech by students

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Speech Template: 2

Respected Principal, Dean, the teaching faculties, and my dear friends, a warm welcome. I am pleased to deliver this farewell speech. Today, the 1st of July, is a day of joy, particularly for us, the graduating students, and our parents.

We are all here to bid farewell to our students who are leaving this college after the successful completion of four years in this college. I welcome you all to this beautiful ceremony.

My dear friends, despite some hardships, sadness, and grief that we have encountered in the course of our studies in this college, at the end of it all, we completed this journey with great achievements and the most beautiful memories.

Here, we were prepared for a greater challenge ahead, and to nurture ourselves to build a strong foundation for the next level of hardships. Under the guidance of our beloved teachers, we have attained this impressive milestone in our life with great honor and integrity.

Today, I am honored to say, we are proud of our many achievements over the years, our various accomplishments in almost all academic and extracurricular activities.

Our batch’s brilliant achievements in academic discourse and in sports must indeed be acknowledged. The sweet memories of our college life will forever remain in our hearts.

And my dear friends, I wish to thank you for the zeal that you have shown towards your studies, in your relationship with the teachers, management, the junior students, and even among ourselves.

We believe our teachers will agree to the fact that we are leaving behind a very nice legacy for the junior and in-coming students to follow.

Dear friends, as we leave this college, a whole lot of challenges await us, which of course, I strongly believe going by our achievements and the manner we have conducted ourselves over the years and the skills and knowledge imparted in us here, we will surely overcome them.

At this point, I want to tell this all my dear friends to always see yourselves as good ambassadors of this college and never allow selfish interests to blemish the integrity we have nurtured over the years in this college.

Be kind and good to people we meet on our way up. Allow the words of God to guide us as we journey to greatness. 

On behalf of our batch, I bid farewell and wish all your friends the best of luck in your days ahead. May God bless us all!

Thank you all very much.

farewell speech by students

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Speech Template: 3

Good Evening everyone,

Respected Principal, Dean, the teaching faculties, and my dear friends, a warm welcome. 

We are leaving today, with a wealth of knowledge that all of us here will always treasure. Working here has been a fantastic experience, and I am thankful for all the skills we’ve acquired here. We feel as if being here each day has made us more complete and well-rounded.

Inside these college walls, we’ve learned how to take direction, criticism, and compliments. These are the three things most of us weren’t so great at taking before, and now I feel as though we can apply that in many different situations.

We have also learned in these last four years, how to be open-minded, to value other people’s opinions, and to consider other ideas along with our own, to end up with a great final outcome.

Personally, being part of a team has taught me skills that I can use in more than just the professional area of life. My relationships on a personal level are in a better place than they were, thanks to some of the things I’ve learned from our lovely teachers.

I have realized that being a part of a community is more than just sharing credit. A team effort takes a huge compromise. When you are on a team, you have to at times lead, follow, and more often than not, meet everyone in the middle.

My wish for everyone here is that we all continue to experience success, to feel fulfilled in everything that we do, and to have nothing but pleasant results with each successfully completed project. 

It has been a pleasure studying here, and I will genuinely miss this college and this beautiful campus. I take with me fond memories, everlasting and real friendships valuable skills, and I hope to one day leave an impression on others similar to the one this college has left on me.

Thank you all, and farewell!!

farewell speech by students

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