Farewell Party Invitation Letter Example: 4 Templates

A colleague of yours is retiring or is leaving the job in order to join another firm. Being an active employee, the responsibility of inviting everybody concerned has fallen upon your able shoulders. But this is a time-consuming process.

Also, an invitation letter should ideally have the correct tonality. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. In this website, you shall find multiple templates that shall help you write such a letter. These are written by our expert writers to help you.

Letter Template: 1

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Your Name

Your Address

Street, City, State




[Mention the name]

[Mention the address]

City, State, Zip-code

Subject- Letter of Invitation for Farewell Party

Dear Sir/madam

I am [mention the name] and I am writing this letter on behalf of the department of [name of the department]. I am writing this letter to invite our seniors of the batch [mention the batch] for the farewell party.

We have scheduled the farewell party on [mention the date] to honor the end of your academic year.

The farewell party has been scheduled on [mention the date] and the timings are from [mention the time] to [mention the time]. We are looking forward to a pompous party and hope you will enjoy the party to the fullest.

We will be eagerly waiting for you. We will be obliged if you honor our invitation. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

[Name of the sender]

farewell party invitation letter

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Letter Template: 2

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Dear [mention the name of your colleague],

[Mention the date] is going to be your last day in [mention the name of the company or organization] and we are really going to miss you. To honor your efforts, time, and energy that you have put and spent on this company for the last [mention the number of years], we all have arranged a little farewell party for you, to which we are inviting you. Don’t worry, we are doing this only after taking permission from our manager [mention the name], who is more than happy to let us do it for you.

It still feels unbelievable that you no longer will be here, that we are not going to see you in the same workplace again. We are glad that you got such a big opportunity to work for [mention the name of the firm or organization], but we are sad too.

We have been working as a strong team for so many years, and so many times we conquered difficult projects, brainstormed ideas, and come to unique solutions, all those all-nighters that we pulled off together to complete them, taking coffee breaks in between and talking.

You were really an important part of the team, without whom this team will always remain incomplete. Your post may get filled but the place that you have taken in all our hearts will be there, as it is, forever. More than a colleague, you were a dear friend, who always helped personally, other than just professionally. You are a really good person.

We hope you never forget us and we can meet sometime too. This party is kept on [mention the date] and it will begin at [mention the time] in [mention the name of the location]. Let us all bid adieu to you with a smile and not tears or sadness.


[Mention the name of the department]

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Letter Template: 3

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

To our respected seniors,

I, [mention the name], from [mention the name of the department], am writing this letter to inform you that all us juniors of [mention the year] have arranged a grand farewell party for you on this [mention the date] in our college auditorium and we are cordially inviting you to attend it.

For all of us, you guys have been a true guiding force, and you were there with us whenever we needed you. Be it some formal college issues, which need to be taken care of, or when we asked you for help in [mention the name of the subject] or when you arranged a great freshers party for us in [mention the year]. This letter won’t be enough to write all about it as the list is very long. Each one of us would like to tell you how thankful we are for your support in the upcoming farewell party.

It is truly sad that we won’t be seeing you again, but then, at the same time, we are very happy too that you guys will be beginning a new chapter of your life and we hope that you do well in your professional life too, just like all of you had set examples for us academically. You were, you are and you will be our inspiration and we intend to follow in your footsteps.

[Mention the name of the professors] and our principal, Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. [mention the name] will be attending the party too. The time is [mention it] and it will last for [mention the duration]. We have arranged a little something for your fun and entertainment and delicious food after that.

We hope you have a good time and we sincerely hope that you like all the arrangements. It is especially done by us for you.


[Mention the name of the department]

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Letter Template: 4

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Dear sir or madam,

I, [mention your name], your [mention the number of years] student, am writing this letter to invite you to a great farewell party that has been arranged by me and my family in your honor. We, especially me, will be truly delighted and thankful if you can attend it on [mention the date] at [mention the time].

You have been teaching me ever since I was in [mention the standard] and I never thought of you as just a tutor, but you were like a big brother or sister to me. You always treated me like a student-cum-sibling and taught me with love, discipline, and care. Whenever I used to get stuck somewhere in any subject, you explained it to me without losing patience or temper. 

I still remember the time when you first arrived at my place, that day when you started with mathematics, I was really scared as it used to be one of those subjects which I hated, I feared that you will scold me when I was unable to [mention the incident in detail], but you smiled and encouraged me and slowly with time, I got better at it, without even realizing. Your teaching method was really very different from others.

In addition to helping me with my studies, you also suggested ideas for my school programs and competitions, and all thanks to your innovative ideas; I was able to win so many medals and trophies. You attended each of my birthday parties as well. I am really thankful that I got you as my tutor.

Now that you will be quitting and joining [mention the name of the company], I am going to miss you, but I truly wish that you do well in life, [mention the name by which you call him or her].

Thank you for being there with me for the last [mention the number of years].

Yours sincerely,

[Mention your name]

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