Crush Farewell Letter Template

Think about a situation when your crush is departing from you for some reason, it is important to write a farewell letter that reminds your crush about your emotion and respect for him/her.

For that purpose, the following goodbye letters are just appropriate for you. You can use them in your writing.

You should write your name, the name of your crush and his/her address when you write this letter. You can mention how fascinated you are by his/her beauty and upset to hear the news of his/her departure. 

Letter Template: 1

[Mention sender name]


Dear [Recipient Name]

It’s been a long time since I wanted to say you this. As you are leaving now, I would like to know about my feelings for you. I know that you might don’t have any feelings for me, but my feelings for you are strong and it’s getting stronger day by day. And I can’t keep this anymore, but letting you know.

The first time I saw you, you were so attractive that I couldn’t able to stop myself from watching you. I saw you playing with the kids, how sweet is that from there I started falling for you. Day by day as I started to see you daily, my feelings for you become stronger. You become my real crush.

At times I thought we could be something, but now as you are leaving, I couldn’t stop myself writing this letter to you.

I hope we will meet someday, with a new story in our life. And we become something together. I hope this will letter will turn out for the best.

Happy farewell! All the very best for the future.  May God bless you.  

With love

[Sender name]

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