Vice President Farewell Letter Template

When the vice president of your organization or company is retiring from office or moving on in general, then it is important to write a farewell letter to express your gratitude and appreciation to your seniors.

For your convenience, we have given here some farewell letters which will help you in writing a goodbye letter. You should mention some details like the name of the vice president, the date of his/her leaving, and the sender’s name in this format.

You can include a few words to thank him/her for always taking the best decision for the organization.

Letter Template: 1

[Name of the Sender]

[Name of the Organization]

[Job title]

[Address, Zip Code]




[Name of the Recipient]

[Name of the Organization]

[Job Title]

[Address, Zip Code]

Dear [Name of the Recipient],

A golden period of [Name of the Organization] has come to an end as you have decided to leave this organization. It is a huge loss for all of us. I, on behalf of this organization, am writing you this farewell letter to pay our homage.

You have been the guardian of this organization for [Length of Time]. Your contribution to this organization is not measurable. You always have done the best for this organization, and its employees. Your hard work, honest effect have always supported the development of this organization. Such a great person like you is admired and appreciated by all of us.

We sincerely thank you for all you have done. Your absence will create a void in this organization. We will miss you. Take care of yourself and wish you a great life ahead.

With regards,

[Name of the Sender].

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