Sister Farewell Letter: 4 Template and Emails

Often, it so happens that your sister may have to leave and live in a place elsewhere because of academic or professional commitments. 

At a time like this, writing a heartfelt letter helps since it communicates 🗣️ your true feelings of admiration and affection for your sister. 

To find out how to write this letter, keep reading! You’re sure to find some great tips ⬇️

What to Write in a Farewell Letter to Your Sister. 

The first few introductory tips are sure to have gotten you on the right foot in writing this letter, and the next few are going to seal the deal! ⤵️

  • Make sure that the tone of the letter is affectionate. 
  • Refer to some moments of the past where you shared some great memories with your sister. 
  • Talk about how you will miss your sister. This is sure to create some great rapport.
  • Bid farewell with this letter✉️ and convey your emotions in the right way. 
  • Don’t write a letter that is too formal. Keep it light and sympathetic. 

How to Write a Farewell Letter For Your Sister 

Go on! The previous tips were just to get you started on the right foot. The ones below are so you can crush them while perfecting your letter. 

Keep all these tips in mind. ⤵️

The first paragraph 

The first paragraph is the most important. To make it actionable, it is important to convey your emotions in the right way. Your words must reflect your heartfelt emotions and regret toward what happened. 

Wish her the best.

It is understood that you may be missing your sister since she has plans to move away. However, you can express how proud you are of her and wish the best for her future. This maintains a congenial tone throughout the letter. 

The tone

The tone of the letter needs to be informal but affectionate at the same time. Making it sound very cagey and formal may defeat the purpose of the letter. Keep the letter most congenial and polite but loving at the same time. 

Events of interest

Throwback to some events of interest and how you can talk to her about anything and how you enjoy her company. This is a nice element to add to your letter in order to make it more loving. 

Common interests 

If you have common memories and hobbies that you both share, it is a good time to talk about them in the letter, too. You can write about how the memories 🥰you have shared with her will continue to make you smile even if she isn’t there with you. 

Warm closing 

Say you will miss her a lot and that through the fights and despite the quarrels, you don’t know how you would feel without her presence. A warm salutation and a loving closing are sure to seal the deal and perfect your letter. 

Template: 1

Sister Farewell Letter

My dearest sister, [Name of the Person],

I cannot believe this is happening. You are leaving me behind and going to [Name of The Place] for [Purpose of Going there] on [Date]. My heart aches while writing you this farewell letter. Saying goodbye is the toughest task ever.

We have spent the best time together. You are not just my sister but my best friend too. We laughed and cried together. We have even fought and quarreled together. You have made me angry at you, but we always loved each other unconditionally.

I have shared almost everything with you, even my crazy secrets. I am going to miss you and your company. I do not know how would manage to live alone without you. You are truly an important person in my life.

The clock is ticking very fast, and you have to leave soon. Just want to say that I love you very much, my partner in crime. Take care and be safe. Keep smiling. I hope to see you soon. Our golden memories will make me smile even if you are not here with me.


[Name of the Sender].


sister farewell letter

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Template: 2

Sister Farewell Letter

My loving sister,[mention the name of your sister],

My heart is crying while writing this letter to you. In a few days, you would be leaving me and going away to [mention the place sister is moving to] for your further studies. As the days of your stay with me are decreasing, I am getting sadder. All the memories of our childhood are flashing in front of my eyes.

I know you’re going to [mention the place sister is moving to] is very important but at the same time, I cannot stop being emotional. I know while reading this letter, you will address me as an ’emotional fool’ like you always do. But trust me, I will miss you genuinely.

We were indeed staying in different locations in the same city, yet we were so close that we could drop by each other place whenever we wished. But now, visiting you will be like planning a vacation. 

[Mention your sister’s name] you know something, recently I had framed a few pictures of our childhood and have put them all on my apartment’s wall. You have always been my only truest friend, and you know that also.

There is no secret I have that you don’t know. Be it my first crush or my first date, you are witness to all. Even you were the one who handled me after I had my breakup. If you had not been around, I don’t know how I would have handled myself. 

Without you and your presence, I am just incomplete. I have some plans for both of us before you leave on [mention the date of sister leaving], and I request you to take some time out for those.

I know you are busy now but my loving sister, please let us have our own sweet time that we used to have. 

I promise that I will take care of myself and be in touch with all. Hope to see you soon, dear. Lots of love to you my dear.

With much Love,

Your loving sister/brother,

[Mention your name].

sister farewell letter

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(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

Template: 3

Sister Farewell Letter

My sweet sister,[mention the name of your sister],

The most beautiful girl I know is you, my dear. I am so lucky to have you as my sister. But now that you are leaving me, I am so sad. I understand that you will be entering the best phase of your life. You Getting married to your dream man has also been my dream too. But the fact that you will be leaving me is making me sad.

I know how much you have waited for this day. Rather we all were waiting for the same. But after marriage, you will be moving to [mention the place where the sister is moving] we will not be able to catch up whenever we want. 

I have already started worrying about who will be my partner in making all the mischief we still enjoy doing. When I try to list the things that I will miss in your absence is getting longer and longer. 

The one best part is that I will capture your room, haha! I know you are furious now and just waiting to blow my nose your long waited desire.  I was just joking, don’t worry, your room will be your only, and whenever you come home on your vacation, you will find the way you like seeing it.

I assure you that nothing has been removed or changed in your room. I know your room has been your world and mine too. With all the gossip, late-night movies, and the hot cup of chocolate beside the window seeing the snowfall is so special for you and for me as well. 

I know you, too, have already started missing me and are sad that you will leave me and go to a far-off place. But I promise whenever I get a chance, I will surely make plans to meet you. 

And also don’t worry, I will take care of our parents as well. Don’t worry much; you have your D-day on [mention the date], and you need to look very beautiful. So take your beauty sleep. Lastly, I will always love you.

Your most adorable sister/brother,

[Mention your name]

sister farewell letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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