Nurse Farewell Letter Template

The below letter templates will help you to write a goodbye letter for someone who is an experienced nurse and leaving the hospital soon. You need to provide your name, the name of the nurse, hospital name while writing this letter.

You can mention how he/she has handled some challenging situations which are inspiring to everyone in the hospital and how he/she has been by your side in your hard times.

You can also include some words to congratulate him/her on his/her new job and ask him/her for contact details to stay in touch with him/her.

Letter Template: 1

Nurse Farewell Letter

[Mention sender name]

[Address of the sender]

Dear [Recipient Name]

 I am very much thankful to you. The way you cared for me more than being a friend of mine rather than being a nurse. And the way you handled me in my every changing situation truly deserves appreciation.

You were such a wonderful nurse, the way you make me feel so safe in every stage leaves a mark on me. To me, you are a great physician, a special gift from god. I really admire all your dedication to your work.

Thank you so much for all the efforts you put to keep me well. You are truly a man of honor and word.  You were so a kind and caring doctor for me during my time of need. Thank you for doing everything that you can do and helping me during my hard times.

Thank you so much for your consultation and your treatment. Thank you for being the hope and making everything alright in the end. I am forever grateful to you.

Lastly, I congratulate you on the day of your farewell. May God bless you with all the love and care. I truly appreciate your dedication to your work.

Yours truly 

(Sender name)

nurse farewell letter

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