Neighbour Farewell Letter Template

Writing a farewell letter appears to be simple to compose in theory. However, it can be surprisingly tricky. So, if you’re having trouble writing those heartfelt parting letters, the following farewell letter templates will undoubtedly come in handy.

You need to mention the name of your neighbor, your home address, and your name in this letter.

You can mention how you have benefitted from living next to him/her, how he/she has supported you in your bad times. You can also add your new phone number to stay in touch with him/her. 

Letter Template: 1

[Mention sender name]

[Address of the sender]

Dear [Recipient Name]

We would like to say that you all have been a great neighbor to us. The years which we spent together, was a great experience. We get to learn so many new things from you. Living with you and learning new different things with you was a great happening to us.  Your way of seeing and tackling the situations is really commendable.

Our kids get to learn so many things from you. Your behavior and nature made us so comfortable with you that it wouldn’t make us feel different from you all. 

On the day of your leaving, we would like to congratulate you on your farewell. We wish you all the luck. May, you all stay safe and healthy. Lastly, we wish we get a chance to meet you soon and spend time together once again. Keep in touch.

Happy farewell!

With love,

[Sender name]

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