Junior Farewell Letter: 4 Types Templates

Writing a goodbye letter to someone you have spent time closely with is enough to make your palms sweat. In this situation, if you get some farewell letter formats, it will be helpful for you.

Here, we have mentioned a few goodbye letters for your convenience. In this letter format, you have to write your name, the name of the recipient, and your address.

You should mention you’re happy memories together, which you will always remember. You can also write how much you will miss him/her.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention sender name]


Dear [Recipient Name]

I am writing this letter to show you my appreciation. You have been a great junior to me. Working with you was a great experience for me. You were more like my partner than being my junior.

Surely, I will miss working with you. I feel lucky that I got a chance to work with you. This was a whole new opportunity and an experience for me. I still can’t believe that you will be leaving me soon.

Your way of handling situations and your decision-making is great. I have learned so many new things from you. Your contribution to this work has been tremendous. Hope you keep doing this in the future also.

Lastly, on your farewell, I would love to say thank you for the kindness, patience, and love that you shared with me. I learned a lot from you. 

Happy farewell!  All the very best for your future.

 Keep in touch.

With love

[Sender Name]

junior farewell letter

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Template: 2

When you work for a certain organization, you work with your colleagues, juniors and they become an essential part of your life with each passing day.

Especially the juniors with whom you work, as you train them, a bond gets started to form between you and them. They respect you and treat you as a friend, apart from a mentor.

Due to some reasons, when you have to bid them goodbye, you think of creating a nice goodbye letter. I have written an effective sample letter, seeing which you can frame yours accordingly.

Goodbye to Juniors Letter

Dear [Insert the name of the receiver]

 The day has come, and the time has come when we bid our goodbyes. It has never failed to amaze me every time you carried yourself with grace and handled every storm of your life in love. It takes such pride to have seen you grow so much in this past [ insert the number of years since knowing the concerned person] years. You have been a true blessing in life, and you are precious!

I did not want this letter to just be a letter of farewell, but to remind you that you do not have to change yourself for anyone else. I know, the coming years are going to be tough and different, but turning away from yourself does not bring a difference to it.

Every time you feel weak, I want you to open this letter and remind yourself of where you belong and who you matter to the most; I want you to trust the process and know that you are never alone in this journey of life.

You have an army full of people backing you up, and only one call away to make you feel better, and I don’t think I have to mention that I will always be one of them.

I wish for the best to happen with you in life, and that you will be surrounded by wonderful people and wonderful opportunities in the time to come.

Best Wishes

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

 [ Insert the contact details]

goodbye to junior letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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