Experience Letter Format Samples: 6 Unique Templates

The experience letter is an official letter that is usually to be submitted when you join any new organization and it is usually confidential. Usually, every company has a format of experience that they provide to any employee who is leaving. The experience letter should necessarily include the duration served, from and to date.

The role which the person was hired for and was he able to perform all his roles properly. You can also add any specific achievements of the person like he led a team single-handedly or he was sent onsite as the client demanded his physical presence. Later do clear that there are no dues from both sides and close the letter with wishes for him.

Template: 1

Experience Letter Format

Ref : GP/HO/HRJR0 (253) 2008 

Date: December 3, 2019


This is to certify that Mr. Alfred Benson son of Mr. Md. Jack Benson, a permanent resident of 914/2-A, Friends Villa, California, worked as Customer Manager, Call Center Department under Customer Service Division from April 30, 2017, to October 27, 2019. He is hereby released from the services company with effective from to October 27, 2017.

He has been a very obedient and sincere employee. He takes part enthusiastically in new projects and gives very critical inputs for the same. We believe that he is going to be a good asset to any company he joins.


Template: 2

Experience Letter Format

Name of the Organization


(Subject i.e. experience certificate for an employe) 

This certificate is presented to “Employee name” Joseph for the experience he has gained in our organization. As the head of the HR department in Pfizer. I hereby testify that this employee has worked in our company from [2016 to 2019]  and has gained experience in the Sales ). It was a great pleasure working with (employee name( : or his employment duration and he proved himself as one of the most important assets of the organization.

We testify that there are no dues from both the parties and he is open to join any organization without any allegations against him. We wish him a good life and better opportunities for employment. 

Name of the HR Head: Jack Ryan


Template: 3

Experience Letter Format

Company Name


This is to certify that Mr. Cody Phillips had worked in MIS. Descon Engineering from 24-May-2017 to 29-Nov-2019 date as an Electrical QC1. He has a wide knowledge of Electrical equipment installation (from IW voltage switchgear to High voltage switchgear) and having good Exposure in the quality side in Oil .as industries. I lc has performed his duties in a diligent and satisfactory manner and was a valuable member of the Onshore project Quality team. We wish him success in his future endeavors. 

(gA:11- C.Srinivasan Lead Electrical QC Barzan Onshore Project )


HR Head
Jason Heavy Machineries

Template: 4

Experience Letter Format


(On Employer’s Business Letterhead) 


This is to inform whomsoever it may concern and certify that Mr.Bryan Adams was working as a full-time employee with VS Group Inc, Florida India as Operations Manager in the Operations Department from 03/2015 to II/2019 as per the personnel files and company’s employment record. 

During his employment, we found Mr.Adams to be professional, knowledgeable and result oriented with a theoretical and practical understanding of work requirements. Ile has successfully completed many job-related training programs administered by the training department of the company. 

He has a friendly, twigging personality. A very good sense of humor and works well as an individual or member of a team as required by the management. 

Overall. Mr.Adams performed his duties and responsibilities cheerfully with attention to detail at all times. With his enthusiasm to work. learn and progress. I am certain that he would nuke a peal employee to any enterprise. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions regarding his employment. 

On behalf of the company, I take this opportunity to wish Mr.Adam all the very best in his future career endeavors. 

Mr. Phillips

Director – Donlan Resources VS Group Inc. Florida 

Template: 5

Experience Letter Format



To Whomsoever It May Concern 

This is to certify that Ms. Anthony Jack was employed with our Company (Company name) as an Assistant Manager for a period of yrs. 

His major responsibilities included working on Human resources like Joining & Separation formalities, Attendance Management, Induction Programs, Appointment Letter & Confirmation, Job Portals, Administration, Maintaining Personal files of Employees, Employee Relation. 

His Exposure In these areas is very good. During his tenure with us, she ably handled major responsibilities and found him to be hardworking and very productive. 

We have found him to be a self-starter who is motivated, sincere and a very good leader with the characteristics of a committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge. 

We at “ Company Name“ wish him happiness, success and many more achievements.

Head of Human Resources

Template: 6

Experience Letter Sample

Company Logo


Company Name 

Recipient Name Here Title, Company


This is to certify that Mr. John Bradon has done his internship in ABB Houston. He has worked on a project “Project Name” This project was aimed to launch theme-based promotion ice the aid. As part of the project. he designed various banners. mailers by understanding the design briefs and promo specifications. During the internship, he demonstrated good design skills with a self-motivated attitude to learn new things. His performance exceeded expectations and was able to complete the project successfully on time. 

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors. 

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