Event Invitation Letter: 8 Templates

Usually, for different kinds of events we have to write different letters like for a formal event, it will be different but any invitation usually follows roughly the same structure which tells about the event, date, and who all are expected to join for the event.

You must be very polite with your language as you are the host and it will give a very good impression and will comprehend the people to join you. You must not forget about mentioning the time for the event and the location as well.

Letter Template: 1

Event Invitation Letter

Dear Carol, 

Hi! Expectation this letter discovers you healthy. I am composing this letter to by and by welcoming you to the commitment function of my granddaughter on the 30th of September 2013 at our home itself. The program is planned to begin precisely at 5 p.m. 

We as a whole will be upbeat on the off chance that all of you made it for this capacity and favored the couple. Planning to meet all of you at the commitment work up to that point gives my respects to hard and fast there and I would be enthusiastically sitting tight for all of you at the capacity. 

Expressing gratitude toward You. 

Yours really, 

Aron Diaz 

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Letter Template: 2

Event Invitation Letter

Dear Sir, 

To start with, it would be ideal if you acknowledge our welcome from our establishment. 

You know, throughout the previous nine years, our establishment has been eagerly arranging this national-level contextual analysis rivalry. Additionally, we accept this open door to offer our thanks to establishments like yours for taking an interest in the occasion and making it a triumph. Indeed, the opportunity has arrived when we begin arranging the contextual analysis challenge this year. This year we are welcoming around 250 schools to make the challenge all the more intriguing. 

Once more, this year as well, it gives us incredible joy to welcome your school to partake in the challenge by and by. We anticipate your dynamic cooperation to make the occasion a noteworthy one.

Similarly as with earlier years this year, too we have kept the group size as three for the understudy and 2 for the resources. You can experience the subtleties in the connected roundabout. 

Much obliged and respects, 


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Letter Template: 3

Event Invitation Letter

Dear Sandra, 

Our association has been effectively engaged with loaning some assistance at whatever point and any place they need emerged. 

In perspective on the (Earthquake in Middle-East), we have assumed on the liability of orchestrating a Fundraising Event. The Proceedings gathered at the Event would be used for the honorable motivation of (casualties of the Earthquake). 

You have consistently been an extraordinary supporter of our different exercises and we anticipate your interest in the Fundraising occasion we are sorting out. This Event not just undertaking to give a chance to new and forthcoming ability yet additionally would loan some assistance to better the lives of the individuals out of luck. 

We anticipate your help. 

Yours Sincerely, 


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Letter Template: 4

Event Invitation Letter

Dear Mr. Jackson, 

We are happy to welcome you to our little girl’s wedding. The motivation behind composing this letter is to welcome you as the Chairman of the wedding service. Our girl, Jessica is truly appended to you and we would be extremely cheerful on the off chance that you can join the festivals as the administrator. The subtleties of which have been referenced underneath: 

Date of Wedding: first August 2015 

The setting of Wedding: St. George Church

We are confident that you will acknowledge our solicitation and will be available on an uncommon day to give your gifts to the couple. We would be more joyful on the off chance that you can bring your better half and children along. 

If it’s not too much trouble send the affirmation of your quality with the goal that we can make the necessary courses of action. 

You would like to see you on this occasion. 

Really yours, 

Amanda Smith 

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Letter Template: 5

Dear (Mr. Peterson), 

It gives me extraordinary delight to welcome you to the (Global Tech Show), to be held in (Central City Gardens) from (25th – 29th January 2012). For the comfort of everyone the timings have been fixed from (11.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m) 

The point of the show is to allow everybody who is keen on (a most recent innovation) to connect with each other. 

We anticipate seeing you at the show. 

Yours genuinely, 

(Donald Wilson) 

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Letter Template: 6

Dear Donald, 

I, Mrs. Wilson am composing this letter to Mr. Donald to welcome him and his family by and by to go to the commitment capacity of my granddaughter that is on 21 Dec 2020. If it’s not too much trouble accepting this as my own solicitation to you and your family. I and my family would be happy to see all of you there at the capacity do as well come. 

Because of some bother, I was unable to welcome you actually to the capacity. Subsequently, I am composing this letter to you. Additionally, if you don’t mind go along with us for supper after the capacity. I would anticipate all of you at the capacity till then remain fine. 

Yours Truly, 


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Letter Template: 7

Dear Rose

As the winters are drawing nearer, I welcome you to go through the winter break with me at my home in Atlanta. Around then, the climate here is lovely because of ocean winds. I will acquaint you with my folks and close family members. Benevolently affirm your appearance by mid-December. 

Yours lovingly

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Letter Template: 8

Respected Sir 

Our school is sorting out its Annual Sports Day on 30th November, 20XX. Your thoughtful nearness will go about as an impetus and rouse every one of us. You are mentioned to hand over the prizes to the growing sportspersons of the school in our school ground at 2 pm. 

Benevolently affirm your accessibility by 20, November. 

Yours dependably 


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