Ending a Letter with Thank You: 4 Templates

In semi-formal or informal letter writing, we can close the letter with regards. It is assigned to the person in either a professional or personal setup. It is when you feel respect for a particular person. You can apply it for someone senior to you in your office or your colleague or your best friend. You can use it with love in an informal way for your brother and someone special to you.

Letter Template: 1

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Dear [best friend’s name], 

How are you, my dear friend? It’s been several weeks we have not met each other. I will not forget the time when we met last time. Actually, we had bumped in to each other in the shopping mall. We were carrying bags in both the hands and we were not actually looking anywhere and then I had hit your head accidently.

It was really a fun. Do you know that if had not gone for shopping on that day, I could not have then met you. The shopping on that day was not on my program list. 

At the same time, I was really feeling irritated, tired and bored after entire week’s work at the office. Really, I was not in the mood to go anywhere. And then what had strike my mind that I wanted to visit the shopping mall located at [venue of shopping mall]. 

I am completely new to this city. I came over here through my job. I do not have a friend over here. At times, I really feel lonely. I am tired of this monotonous life. I still remember the college days. That’s too hard to forget. Do you remember the ways we used to play pranks with our hostel warden and professors? 

Do you remember about the ways we used to slip from the back doors during late nights and used to hang around the bars and restaurants? Thankfully, we were never caught. We were then five of us. We were the ones never really got interest in studies. 

We really had a wonderful time during those days. I miss those adventures. I do believe that you might be also missing too. 

Once again, we can get in touch with our old friends and reunite and have a party at my current accommodation. We will have a nice barbeque party at the terrace of the building I stay.  I had shared with you may contact number. Please call soon.

With Regards,

[Your name]

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Letter Template: 2

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Dearest sister,

I have been thinking of thinking of finding a suitable time to write down a letter for you, my little sister. It is really matter of pride for me to be your elder brother. I just cannot control my emotions whenever I think of you. In fact, I have kept your photo in my study table and also carry your photo in my wallet and also have those favorite snaps of childhood days of yours in my Smartphone. 

You were the best thing to happen in my life. When you had come in to this world, my happiness had no bounds. I was in the seventh heaven. I did actually want to hold you in my arms.  I was eager to rush to the hospital and have a glance of you. I saw you for the first time when you were playing in the baby nursery with your tiny little hands. 

Considering my age, I was not small at that point of time; neither mom nor dad was feeling confident to hand you over in to my arms. It is because; I really did not have idea of holding a baby.  

But my parents were touched by the way I took care of you just like my little daughter. You were my little baby turning in to toddler and joining nursery school and finally high school. I have been a close witness all throughout your growing years. 

Now I am far from you, I do keep worrying about your studies. I wonder how you will do without me in the coming exams. It’s because I would not be coming before next winter holidays. 

I pray to God that everything goes fine with you and you clear the exams with flying colors. Besides, do not ever feel sad and think anything negative that your elder brother is not there. 

Dear little sister, I am always there for you. I am always there to solve all your problems and take any challenges and set the things in right order for you. 

With Love,


Yours only brother


Ending a Letter with Thank You

Letter Template: 3

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Dear Son,

It’s been a long time that I have not heard from you. I do think that you are in good health and happiness. I am writing this letter from Home. It’s been a long time that you have not given a single visit at this place. 

I understand that you are a busy man and you have your own world. But for me, you are still the little infant to whom I had given birth [time span] years ago. For me, you were a blessing for me. You were the answers for the prayers to my God, dear. 

Your dad was the happiest man on this world. He could not control his excitement after seeing you for the first time. I remember the way he spent so much money in buying the costliest toys for you. Your dad did not have job at point of time. But he did not mind spending for you. You were heart and soul for both of us and always dad’s favorite.

IU remember the time when he had gifted you a car after you had passed your High School diploma.  I do have all memories of all happy and even sad times. 

I will not forget that dreadful day when your father suddenly passed away in the hospital after a long struggle with diabetes. My whole world became standstill; I did not know what to do.  I could not get in touch with you; your phone was switched off. I did not have any other contact number of yours. 

It was then I called your office and then informed them to share the news with you about your father’s passing away. You were in the abroad for your office tour. You came after two days to attend the funeral ceremony.

Son, you are my greatest gift from God, I am really not keeping well these days. Do visit me whenever you have time for me.

I love you, dear son,

With love 


Yours Mother

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Letter Template: 4

Ending a Letter with Thank You

Dear [friend’s name]

I am coming to your city and would like to visit the best holiday spots in the surroundings and dine in the best restaurants with you and your family. It’s been a long time we have not met each other.

Its over [number] years, our relationship is all the same. It has not faded with time.  I still remember the time when I was just [age] years old and I had come to look for the job in this city. You were my roommate at that point of time.

Even though I am senior to you by two years, but I find you very mature. You are so calm, quiet and also fun loving.

You are so different from me. It is because I am not calm and quiet. I cannot stay like that for a long. I am a restless character. I am an extrovert person and love to visit places not only in US but in different corners of the world. I had discovered that you also love to travel to different places. And this is the common interest we actually share. 

Another common interest we have is dining in good restaurants.  I also enjoy street foods and so do you. Do you remember the last time I came to your place, we had gone on an organized tour to famous film studios of Hollywood. It was really an exciting event. We had packed sandwiches during the journey. 

I have an exciting plan for all of you. It is a matter of few kilometers away from the main city, there is a hilly trek and I would like you and your family to join me and my family and explore the hilly trek and we can have a good time over there. I am bringing my camera for the trip to shoot the natural surroundings and take snaps. 

I have lots of things to discuss. You can contact me today on my phone number that I have already shared with you.

I will be waiting for your call.

With love 


[Your name]

Ending a Letter with Thank You

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