48+ Encouraging Retirement Wording Ideas

Retirement is basically a limit to someone’s time of work at any place, and retirement mainly occurs keeping in mind the age of the workers, and as compensation to all the service they have provided so far they are monthly presented with a lower than their normal salary, but a pretty decent money.

Encouraging retirement wording ideas

-Every war has to end, and every warrior has to rest at some point, and if a journey has no end, then it doesn’t matter how the journey was.

-For all the service we have provided so far, we do deserve a nice chilled drink with a nice chair to rest our backs and enjoy the break we so deserve

-Retirements are just a break from the long termed hard labor, but what you have achieved will always be yours, once a soldier, always and a soldier

-For your sheer hard and determination and a so prolonged service, now it’s the day for your holidays you deserve for the rest of your life, and we hope you enjoy your post retirement life happily

-We hope that your post retirement life turns out to be very blessed and merry since it’s what you deserve and we invite you to a nice retirement party for all of you and your mates

-For these decades of service by you to our company we hereby invite you and your family to a lovely retirement party on our behalf and we all have well wishes for you as you can spend the rest of your lives with your family

-It’s time to make those canceled trips and make it happen, and after so much long service we welcome you to your new retired life and we hope you enjoy it to your utmost desire

-Lets go and feel free to visit all the family trips those were cancelled due to work, since it’s your retirement day, we shall miss you as well as wish for your welfare

-At the end of the day the happiness of your family and the smile of your face is what give us the real satisfaction and we can finally give you a proper farewell through this retirement with all the warm wishes

-Let us all cheer for our semi-old man who has completed his duty with very much commitment and hence deserves this holiday for the rest of my life

-After working till your back got broken, who doesn’t enjoy this wonderful retirement, hence a warm farewell with all the warm wishes for a generous retired life

-Every king has to leave the throne so one new one can take it, but who was once a king is remembered as a king always, hence you, our king, it’s your retirement and we hope you enjoy your post retirement life to the most

-No longer long waits for Sunday and Saturday since now it’s a everyday holiday for you, and you deserved it through your hard work, and we are so obliged to present you this warm farewell

-If the story ends well, the story is good, hence this can be called a end of your own era, made by your own efforts, and we present you this warm farewell on behalf of your retirement and hope you spend your rest of the life well

-Let’s all cheer for the old man, as today () is getting a warm farewell on behalf of his retirement, we shall miss your wisdom and experience but now it’s time for you to recreate memories in your home

-Finally it’s time to get back to home, all you have worked for has paid its price and hence it’s time to spend the rest of your time in your home, and a happy farewell, we shall miss you and as well as bless you for the rest of your life

-Your end if the story looks pretty good, as we feel happy to see you leave with a smile and giving us all the best memories we could have, hence a warm farewell, and we hope you spend the rest of your life in prosperity

-We all have been feeling happy for you as we see you chilling in your house without being scared if tomorrow being a Monday, and hence we wish you a happy post retirement life ahead

-Feel free to spend as much time as you can with your family, renovate and rejuvenate your home and remember we will always remember you  and we all present you with a very nice farewell and wish for a merry life ahead

-It’s time to stop living at work and work at living and hence go home and enjoy the rest of your years, keeping us in our mind. We all hereby wish fir a prosperous post retirement life for you

-We are lucky we had you as one of our () and accepting the fact you’re gone would really be sad, but it’s your retirement, we shall miss you and we wish for a merry retired life to you for your upcoming years

-We hope all of the time you have spent working with us and created so many memories, you can narrate them to your grandchildren, and since on this day of your retirement we wish you a very happy retired life and your memories will be always with us

– We will surely miss our team which used to entertain us during even the most back breaking projects, but since its your retirement its time for you to make memories in your home and hence we all give you a warm farewell

-Keep us in mind, and spend the rest of your life with a cool mind, all of the staff and colleagues wish you a warm farewell

-The day has come for your permanent holidays as this day is the retirement for you and hence we all celebrate this with a wonderful farewell party, we shall sure miss you

– Welcome to the second innings of your life! Things get better, slower and happier without the hustle now!  

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