Employee Suspending Letter Template

When you are framing a letter for a particular employee’s suspension due to the pending investigation, you should make sure that it is written in a clear, crisp, and precise manner, avoiding any kind of unnecessary detail.

In order to help you write such a letter with total ease and perfection, along with all the right words and sentences, I have come up with an effective sample letter, following which it will be easier for you to develop yours with convenience.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Mention Designation and department],


  Sub: Letter for Suspending employee pending a disciplinary investigation

Dear [mention name],

We are sending this letter in order to inform you that as per our meeting of the governing body of the company (mention the name of the company) we are suspending you for (mention the amount of the suspension time) days.

You can resume your work until further notice is being given to you. This letter does not testify to anything that you are guilty of the crime or you are innocent. This is only an action taken by our company to take our time to investigate the situation properly according to our rules and regulations.

We hope you will co-operate with us in completing this matter properly. We will take this matter under our review until we get anything of purity. We will try our best to complete this matter as soon as possible in order to resume your work if you are found to be an innocent person.

We hope you will try to understand our problem and try to cooperate with us in this matter. In your suspended days we will continue to pay you as per your salary structure. You will also get bonuses and other payments as per our company norms.

We pray for your innocence and hope you will cooperate with us.


Thank you very much,



[Name of the sender],

[Designation of the sender],

 [Organisation name]

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