Employee Reference Letter: 4 Templates and Emails

Running an organization or corporation, you get to know about your employees, how they work and what their capabilities are. If you are writing a letter of reference for an employee then you should include in it all his positive points and mention why he is suitable for the position he is applying for.

You can take reference from this sample letter written by me as having a look at it, you will be able to write yours with total convenience.

Letter Template: 1

Employee Reference Letter


Sender Name:

Job position:

(Organization/company) name:


Recipient name:

(Organization/company) name:

Address of the recipient:

Subject: Employee Reference Letter

Dear (Sir/Madam) 

I highly refer to (name of the employee) as a (mention position) to your (company/organization). You have rarely come across standout talent like (him/her). Few people will only get the opportunity to write about this genuine expert.

I have been impressed by (his/her) attitude towards (his/her) work and (his/her) performance on the job. (He/she) takes all projects with positive energy, a broad smile on (his/her) face, and never missed any deadline. (He/She) has never become the subject of any other’s allegation. When (he/she) wrote something related to (his/her) work, it seems as if (he/she) has dipped (his/her) pen in the ink of (his/her) blood. 

(He/she) is not only doing this work for professional purposes but also, (he/she) has a great passion for it. When passion and intelligence come under the same umbrella, then it will definitely take (him/her) to succeed. 

(He/she) is admired for being focused, hardworking, and for (his/her) friendly behavior with other colleagues. (He/she) also has insightful leadership and a great sense of humor. That’s why (he/she) comes under my heartfelt reference.

Thank you very much


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