Employee Not Returning from Leave Termination Letter

Here our task is to help you in the situation when you have to write some letters, speeches on different topics. We have covered many subjects for termination letters now we are going to discuss some sample letters regarding termination due to not returning from leave.

We have provided all specific points, and you must have to include these points in your letter. While writing this letter you have to write the date of termination, reason, and some other points in a proper format.

Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

It has been decided by the entire committee in the last meeting that your contract with this company is getting terminated this week because you are not returning from your leave. This behavior of disobedience will not be tolerated in this company. You have taken so many leaves and also do not come back after its completion. It is advised to you to take all of your belongings from your desk and discontinue your job from here.

We can not cooperate anymore with you. We are enough of hearing excuses from you regarding your leaves. There is no need for an employee who can not show dedication to his work.

I was so happy after your interview and convinced by your words. The entire staff is not happy while working with you because they have to carry the unnecessary load of your work. I am so disappointed with my decision of hiring you.

You have proved me wrong. If you can not understand your duties and responsibilities towards this company then you are not welcome here anymore.

I hope you have no queries regarding our decision. The decision which we have taken will not get changed. 

Hoping to see you as soon as possible. The salary of your last working days will be credited to your account but we will not give you any extra perks for your work. I wish that you would fulfill all your responsibilities with all your heart so that we do not have to take this harsh decision.



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