Employee Acknowledgment Letter Template

If any company or organization wants to give a proper acknowledgment to any employee for his or her hard work and dedication then they send a letter of acknowledgment to the employee.

Now here we have covered some sample letters regarding this topic to help you in this situation. While writing this letter you have to mention the name of the employee, job position, and the feedback about him. Now if you are facing any problems then just follow our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Recipient’s name]


[organization name]


Dear [name],

Have a nice day!

The management had been following the execution of the office, especially during this audit season, and the fruition of which is of utmost significance to us, the entire team. Especially watching your performance is an inspiration to all your co-workers. Not only our management, our customers also appreciate your labor and they are totally satisfied with your work.

It is rare for an employee who gets a praising letter from the customer for the treatment you provided. This positive feedback is precious to us too as it will help us o grow more. We forwarded this appreciation letter to the management team.  

Therefore, the management has decided to recognize you for your dedication and excellent work by giving this certificate. On top of that, they even confirmed to include this in your employee’s file record.  We hope this zeal flows into the daily work and subsequent events alongside.

Thanks again for all your efforts. The management team recognizes your commitment to work with us with the utmost respect and confidence. On behalf of our organization, our warm-hearted and deep gratitude to you.

I hope you continue to do quality work in the near future.

Yours truly,

[sender name]

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