78+ Best Elf Puns and Funny Quotes

An elf happens to be a mythical creature which resembles humans in nature, has got magical powers and will not age as well. Here, we have mentioned some elf puns which are quite hilarious and should be able to captivate you for sure. Enjoy!

Elf Puns and Funny Quotes

  • The elf turned his phone to silent because he found the rings to be monotonous.
  • Who had been the favorite Rock Star of Elrond? Elvish Presley.
  • Did Rudolph attend his school? No. He had been Elf-taught.
  • The technical names for the elves of Santa happen to be Subordinate clauses.
  • What kind of photos is taken by Santa? Elfies.

_From where do the helpers of Santa come? National Elf Service.

_The singing elves of Santa are known as Wrappers.

_The elves of santa are sometimes known as eves because there is Noe at Christmas.

_When the elves are clapping for their boss, we call it Santapplause.

_Missile-toe happens to be the disease that affects the elves rather than athlete’s foot.

_The helper of Santa desired to keep all the presents since he had been somewhat Elfish.

_Santa is known to file in his tax return in the month of January since he happens to be elf employed.

_An elf that runs off and does not work for Santa anymore is known as a rebel without any Claus.

_What do the elves use for cooking in the kitchen? Utensils.

_I drew a fantastic picture right now, it happens to be half elf and half mouse. 

Although I do not want to boast, I am really feeling proud of mouse-elf.

_Why the elf became sad?

Because it was suffering from low elf-esteem.

_What types of vehicles are driven by the elves?  Toy-ota’s.

_A Christmas elf coming from Chicago will be called Chance the wrapper. 

_A shortcake happens to be the food which an elf has on his birthday.

_I have the desire of killing mice elf.

_What will you call an elf who is putting on earmuffs?

You can call him whatever you like! He will not be able to hear you in any case.

_An elf having only a single leg will be called legoless.

_An elf leaving the North Pole will be called a rebel without any Claus.

_The elf-a-bet happens to be the thing studied by the elves in school.

_A lady elf that prefers constructing things will be called a lego less.

_A bookshelf happens to be the kind of elf having the most number of books.

_An elf without any Legos on Christmas will be known as Legolas.

_What was done by the Void Elf regarding Holy magic?

She simply avoided it.

_What type of jokes would be told by a depressed elf? Elf-deprecating.

_An elf who does not sing will be called a wrapper.

_An elf who is in the habit of checking the grammar of Santa is known as a subordinate claus.

_An elf who is the habit of riding the subway and always arriving on time will be known as a metro-gnome.

_Kendrick Lamar is a wonderful Christmas elf because he happens to be a wonderful rapper.

_How will you refer to a rich elf?


_What is the tax status of Santa?


_How does Santa deal with the obese elves?

They are sent to the elf farm by Santa.

_How are the elves able to get from one floor to another?

In an elf-avator.

_What will you call an elf who has succeeded in winning the lottery?


_What will you call a female elf?

A shelf.

_Where will the elves go when they become sick?

To the nearby elf center.

_An elf suffering from skin disease will be called a leper-chaun.

_What will be the favorite kind of bread of an elf? Shortbread.

_Elves usually make fantastic listeners since they happen to be all ears.

_Where to the elves go for dancing? Christmas balls.

_For what reason do the names of the elves not begin with an “S”?

Since that will be selfish.

_An elf who is in the habit of telling silly jokes will be called a genuine Christmas card.

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