55+ Funny Electricity Puns and Jokes One Liners

At present, electricity has become a basic requirement of our daily lives similar to that of food and water. In fact, it is impossible to think of life sans any electricity. It is used for watching television, charging our mobile gadgets, playing video games, and so on. Here, we have mentioned some intriguing electricity puns for your enjoyment.

Electricity Puns

  • I was absolutely shocked once he explained to me the way in which electricity is measured at present.
  • I questioned him “Watt, are you really serious?”
  • Once the power was accidentally blown by the electrician, the ice-making factory became liquidated.
  • Once a barefoot person is going to step on a life electricity wire it is possible for him to receive a couple of shocks.
  • Once I was told by her that there had been spark between both of us, I ended up tasering her.
Electricity Puns
  • In case you do not like to hire an engineer for re-wiring your residence and instead try to do it on your own, you might be shocked at how difficult it could be.
  • Electricians usually shout ohm-y once they become surprised.
  • It is a fact that at times superconductors can be quite polite. When they entered a pub one particular day and had been told that their preferred rum was not sold that day, they just departed without any resistance whatsoever.
  • The profession you are in might be able to influence the type of vehicle driven by you. For example, a lot of electricians actually like a volts-wagon more than a Toyota.
  • An electrician came to his residence quite late one particular day.
  • His brave wife questioned him, “Honey, wire you insulate?”
  • The secret is finally out! As a matter of fact, Electri-city happens to be the most compact -sized city in the whole world.
  • It is possible for the electricians to become detectives too. As a matter of fact, Sherlock Ohms happens to be amongst my most preferred detectives of all times.
  • Electricians never lag behind. They are constantly updated on the current affairs at all times.
  • Wind power is getting popular gradually since it is not only green but has also got plenty of fans.
  • When the judgment on the electrician was finally read everybody started re-volting why that poor person was charged with assault and battery.
  • In case you wished us to stop strolling, wire you going on?
  • Even though the case was lost by them, there had been amp-le reasons why the power firm ought to be compensated.
  • Nobody was interested in the rural electrification deal anymore, and therefore, all of them plugged out.
Electricity Puns
  • It is known to everybody that I can become quite optimistic particularly with innovative concepts. Nevertheless, I happen to be negative on this one since the wiring of the entire thing is quite con-fusing.

Electricity Jokes

  • In case you make the decision to go to one more topic before this particular one comes to a conclusion you might be required to face some sort of resistance.
  • They took the decision of reposting the entire article since certain parts where required to be OHMitted.
  • I happened to sit on an electric chair once, and I like to inform that it had been a really shocking experience.
  • Only the honest individuals happen to be electricians in this particular town. Once a task is assigned to them, they are going to conduit almost instantly.
  • Nobody likes to age and then be affected by dementia. It has been indicated by research that electricians don’t die and the simply lose contact.
  • Power corrupts and it is especially applicable in the electricity companies out there.
  • Children can be funny since they have been wired to think in a different way. Once escort have been battered by a severe storm and the power was disconnected which made the children absolutely de-lighted.
  • The whole house was full of electromagnots, all of them chewing the wires.
  • The free electron had been extremely sad that night since there was simply nothing positive to laugh about.
  • What number of museum curators will be required for changing a light bulb?
  • 6, while one is going to change the bulb the other 5 will be preserving, displaying, and celebrating the outdated model.
  • What number of software engineers will be required for changing a light bulb?
  • None, since it happens to be a hardware problem.
  • What number of tenants will be required for changing a light bulb?
  • None since they will be cursing the electrician, the light bulb, the architect, and that the landlord instead.
  • What number of energy performance data will be required for changing a light bulb?
  • Not absolutely sure since we are nevertheless waiting for further info from the engineer.
  • What happens to be the preferred chant of a plug at any particular sporting event?
  • CHARGE!!
  • What happens to be the favorite song often outlet?
  • I have got the power.
Electricity Puns

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