Earthquake Victims Condolence Letter Template

Here we have provided various sample letters, speeches for your help. Now we are going to cover some sample letters regarding condolence letters for earthquake victims. While writing this letter you have to choose some words which can clearly express your feelings for them.

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Subject- Letter of Condolence for Earthquake Victims

Dear Sir/Madam

My heart breaks to acknowledge the devastation caused by the earthquake. It is hard to gauge the turns of nature and we have no ways to escape her wrath. Human lives have immensely suffered in this earthquake and it is a great loss for mankind. This devastation is heart-wrenching.

This earthquake came as a sudden shock and led to innumerable deaths. My heartfelt condolences to every single family who has encountered death. I know that words are not enough but in this heartbreaking moment, these words are all that I have. I hope my words express the feeling of love and oneness. I pray that mankind gathers enough courage and resilience to overcome the post-trauma that the disaster has left behind.

I personally feel the trauma and can understand the unfathomable anguish of every family member. May the deceased rest in peace. I pray for good luck and a brighter future. Please take care of yourselves and your beloved families.

Yours Sincerely,

[Name of the person]

earthquake victims condolence letter

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