65+ Best Disease Puns and Quotes

At present many individuals suffer from diseases both long-term as well as short-term. Many of these conditions provide them with a tough time out there. However, laughter is the best medicine. Consequently, we have mentioned several intriguing disease puns which will help to make things light out there.

Disease Puns and Quotes

  • Strictly speaking, 8 out of every 10 injections happen to be in vein.
  • Although I once came across a joke regarding amnesia, I did not remember how it actually goes.
  • I made an attempt to search for impotence on the web; however, nothing really came up.
  • The official website for the sore eyes happens to be conjunctivitis.com.

_There had been a sign at a particular drug rehab center on the lawn which said “Stay away from the Grass”.

_The person had been wheeled into the operation theater and following this, he underwent a change of heart.

_I began to suffer from irony deficiency and therefore health-related puns do not appear funny to me anymore.

_While I had been in the waiting room of the doctor, there had been a small man waiting before me. However, he allowed me to see the physician first and I thought that he had been a little patient.

_The worst time when you can suffer from a heart attack is when you are playing the game of charades.

_Although I have both good as well as bad news, I’m going to convey the good news at first to your widow.

_Whenever I consumer pie, I tend to become sick. I think I am a Flu Flux Flan member.

_The good Samaritan adored his neighbor so much and so freely that he ended up contracting helpatitis.

_Anybody who is paving a street again and again is actually retarreded.

_There must be a restaurant in every single sanitorium which will help to make sure that its coughers are absolutely full.

_Is it a fact that individuals staying in castles struggle with Turrets Syndrome?

_Have you heard of the cannibal who consumed the leper by mistake?

Afterwards he said that he thought you had been a dine-o-sore!

_Joe Malignant is not my friend anymore. This is because he is spreading tumors regarding me at all times.

_The reason why an old dirty man chases after ladies who have undergone liver transplants is because he prefers them new-bile!

_Testicular cancer has spread at present in epididymis proportions.

_I am getting so many Omega-3 fatty acid sources that I might be suffering from the flax-seeding ailment.

_My legs and arms are bubbling over since I have got limb-foama!

_It will be a sensible idea to go to a refluxologist in case you feel like vomiting after going through our puns.

_I have no faith in vaccines and I think I am measley confused.

_Is it a fact that Dr. Jack Kevorkian happens to be a die-abet-ic?

_A leper is not going to alter his spots.

_I am not going to complain in case I’m suffering from a yeast infection. I do not like to appear similar to a spore’s port.

_Being chromatose is worse as compared to color blindness.

_Pus-filled and inflated body tissue is definitely my abscession.

_A few years ago viewing late-night television had been found to be Carsonogenic.

_Eczemas happen to be the preferred holiday season of a dermatologist.

_My previous girlfriend is suffering from Ebola. It is really a dirty fluidsy.

_An ambitious individual suffering from oozing sores will try to find a fester way for doing things at all times.

_You will come across several transsexuals who tend to suffer from meninginas.

_I am assmatic given that nice butts make me rather crazy.

_In case you consume frozen French fries, you will be suffering from cool-tuber-osis.

_The mother of Oedipus had been found to be suffering from Porkin’ sons.

_You need to be careful since if you happen to kiss any rock star from Ireland you might be getting Bono.

_Your joints might become stiff following a long drive and you might be suffering from carthritis.

_The swine flu Satan to the seasonal flu “H1, N1ce meeting you!”

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