Recommendation Decline Due to Bad Health Letter: 4 Template

When you are approached by someone to write a letter of recommendation on that person’s behalf for a particular role or job position but then you know that the person is not suitable for it due to a bad health condition and in fact has been advised to rest for a particular period of time by the doctors.

You have no other choice but to decline the request of writing the recommendation letter. If you are finding it difficult to convey it then make sure to take reference from this sample written by me.

Letter Template: 1

Dear “Full Name”

I’ve assessed your request again and again and I’m anxious about the possibility that I need to illuminate you that I won’t compose a letter of recommendation for you. Your intention of asking for a letter of recommendation for your easy selection in your next job but I have said numerous times that you are unfit for a role currently.

The requirement of the job is more of a fit person and physically strong and you are just of the hospital and hence dont fit into it. As you know the doctor has asked you to take a rest for a couple of months before hitting on to the ground, I would like to repeat the same. 

I must emphasize more on this that nothing is greater than health in this world and you must be cautious about it.

Kindly take a rest and think again about the future because even if you go ahead they will send you back as soon as your physical examination is done. It will be good for you and your health if you stay inside the house and take good care of your health.


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