Decline of Insurance Payment Letter Template

If you want to decline insurance payment then you have to write a letter to inform the authority. While writing this letter it’s crucial to mention the points with some relevant words and also with a proper format.

Now it’s sometimes become difficult to choose some proper words to complete your letter, but don’t worry because we are here to help you in this situation. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (name of the person) sir,

I am (name of the employee) sending you this letter on the behalf of the insurance company (name of the company). We are very sorry to tell you that your claim for our insurance that you wanted for your car has been rejected by our company. The decision that you provided us is inappropriate and against our policy conditions.

You told us that your son willingly damaged your car but it’s not his fault he is small in age. By this letter, we want to tell you that this is an incident that is caused because of someone’s willingness to help your family and it’s your fault that you were unable to take care of your child.

We are sorry for the harsh reasons to reject your claim but you cannot get any such claims for this type of reason. 

you told us one more thing that the side profile of your car got damaged because someone scooter hit it. The surveyor which we sent told us that this is also an incorrect reason. there was no proof of any scooter hitting on the side profile of the car.

We are very sorry for the damage that is caused to your car and the loss that you have suffered.

Please ensure to take care of your car from any children and also in short to tell us the true reason for the damage of the car. it could help you better.

Thank you

yours sincerely

(name of the person)

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