Decline Letter of Working in a Different Department

Here our work is to provide you with different types of samples letters on various topics. Now here we have covered the letter on the topic of a decline letter of working in a different department.

Here it’s crucial to express all the points in a proper way. We have discussed all points here and must have to include these points in your letter to complete your letter quickly. While writing you must have to include the reason for declination.

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Hello, “Full name”,

I got your request for a letter of recommendation yesterday and the expectation you will comprehend in the event that I decline. Letters of recommendation convey the most weight when they are from individuals, for example, associates and administrators who know your activity aptitudes and work propensities.

We work in totally various divisions of the organization, and I have known you for such a brief timeframe, that I can barely talk with power about your expert capacities. 

The reason for not issuing a recommendation letter is not personal but it’s just that I am not well acquainted with your recent achievements in the field which might help you in your future jobs and hence wouldn’t be doing justice to your skills and talents.

I am complimented that you would request a recommendation from me, yet as an issue of technique in your pursuit of employment, I think another person would be a superior decision. Do let me know if you want me to talk to some of your professors for this letter.

Good luck in your pursuit of employment! 


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