A Decline letter of Recommendation due to the Difference of Opinion

Hello, “Full Name”,

I received your email last evening for the letter of recommendation for your future concourse but I would like to decline the proposal as I feel that it’s too early for you to join your Phd program. We have known each other for a very long time now and due to the last couple of months you know we have distanced ourselves.

I have repeatedly asked you to focus more on studies and you have been very distracted due to some of the other reasons and Phd is a big responsibility. I would like you to stay some more in the institute and work with us as a fellow. Your knowledge needs more polishing before you start a new journey in research.

Due to the past couple of heated arguments, I feel you have started underestimating the subject and also that you have a very radical point of view, which won’t help you much in the longer-term and hence I feel we need to sit together and work on perspectives.

I hope you understand my point and we work on the shortcomings soon.


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