Debt Acknowledgement Letter Template

You must thank the person officially with an acknowledgment letter who has taken initiative to help you to clear your burden of debt. This will indicate your gratitude towards him and help in improving your bonding with the finance.

This letter template will resolve your problem of writing the acknowledgment letter to someone who has offered you financial assistance. Every person has an individual reason for taking financial support. You can specify your own reason for taking financial help from someone.

Letter Template: 1

Date: _____

Name: _____

Address: _____

Creditor’s name: ________

Address: _______

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby confirm the receipt of [mention amount received] as debt from you.

Receiving this amount from you has helped me a lot as I was going through the severe financial crisis and there was no other way to revive my condition other than your help. 

This pandemic situation has brought every one of us in front of a very tough situation. All business activities have been hampered and as we are being forced to maintain strict social distancing for your own benefit, the scope for business is getting reduced. 

I needed the money to start a new and safe business and it would have been impossible to make it happen without your help. I am extremely grateful that you helped me out right when I was losing every hope. I will remain indebted to you, but I assure you the money you have lent me will be refunded with proper interest within the promised period.

I am looking forward to leading my business to success and at the same time expect you as my greatest support forever.


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