Data Collection Approval Letter Template

Here we have already covered various subjects of approval letters. Now we are going to provide some sample letters of approval for data collection. The decision of any approval is taken by the higher management, and to send this information they want some format of this kind of letter of approval.

Now we are fulfilling this demand by providing these sample letters. While writing this letter you have to mention the points in a proper format and also with some effective words.

Letter Template: 1



Job position

Organization name



Recipient name

Organization name


Subject: Approval Letter for Data Collection

Dear (name)

I have reviewed your request that you made on (date) for the data collection on (mention the subject) in our organization. Your request is granted.

I went through your questions which are full of information. One will be able to gain knowledge about (mention the topic) from your data collection. I can assure you that proper information will be given from our side. I will be pleased if our data will help you in your research work.

I would like to schedule a date and time (mention date and time) for you. But you have to maintain some stipulations (mention any stipulations; such as the organization name should not be reflected in the report, results must be shared with us, all information provided from our side will be treated as confidential and purely for academic purposes, and so forth). Hope you will comply with our rules and regulations and will not misuse our data.

If you have any queries regarding this approval letter, you can contact me. Active co-operation is highly solicited.

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

data collection approval letter

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