Customer Introduction Letter Template

During the course of our professional journey, we need to write letters on almost a daily basis. A letter of introduction is one such letter. You may have to write this kind of letter to introduce a new outlet, a product or service, a person, or even a new marketing strategy.

It is usually written in a formal tone of voice. You should state the brief details of the commodity or service that you want to introduce. The important features of the same may be mentioned in detail.

Letter Template: 1







Dear [Recipient Name]

My name is (mention name).I represent (mention company name). We have been in this business for (mention years) now. I recently came across your (product) and we are interested in purchasing it. We always look for new ideas and we believe that your company product is different.

I would like to say you that, we would love to associate with you.

We would like to meet with you and discuss the future possibilities with your company. We are interested in your product as it is our intent to market these types products for our customers. We are ready to have a meeting with you at your office within (mention days). 

You can reach us at (mention phone number) or through an email at (mention email address). You can take a review of our portfolio at (mention website). We are looking forward to hearing from you.


[Sender name]

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