69+ Best Curry Puns and Funny Quotes

A diverse country surrounded by mountains and oceans and having the most diverse of people. You know what is the most common thing about these people, they all eat curries in different forms. Curry can be more interesting with these puns. Here are a few curry puns:- 

Best Curry Puns And Funny Quotes

-The ‘pelican curry’ I ordered the other night tasted great but the bill was enormous.

-I dreamt of eating a curry last night and surprisingly when I woke up my ‘pillar was missing.

-The curry I had in the Indian Restaurant was named mean curry. It tasted average.

-It was interesting to hear about the new startup that the William’s have set up which is a curry delivery service. That is a Balti from Blue.

-In a time of distress, keep calm and carry on

-It was hot outside for us to play, but the coach did not curry. 

-I once stuffed myself with so much curry that I  went to Korma and then I have to survive with life support for two days.

-People having the conception that curry puns are really funny should tilka a good look at themselves.

-Curry up or else we will be inside the prison soon!

-The old man ran as fast as his old limb could curry him.

-I could not take permission from my hostel warden as I was late for the train and I needed to curry up!

-I gave him some curry this time, as his work was really really intolerable to the company.

-She gives me peace just like the curry and rice of my homemade by my mother.

-He jumped so high today it felt like he had Stephen Curry today for lunch. 

-The hundred-year-old man was curried under the Earth today he really played a long innings before he went back from where he came 

-It is impossible to curry the damage that is done by betrayal and love.

-Do you know why I am not getting any job?

-Because my curry-Cullum vitae is too weak.

curry puns

-I really don’t know why I am always so curry-ous about the weather report in the morning.

-Do you know who parts faster than modern long-distance relationship couples? 

A fool and his curry.

-For how long do you think that this thing can be carried on?

Not long, he has got nun-left.

-Name a very well-known disease of curry?


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-Do you know what is the problem with Aron?

He gets curried away so easily.

-What did the Indian say to the fat man standing in the queue?


-Do you know what created confusion when Stephen Hawkins broke his leg?

-That he should be taken to the hospital or curries pc world.

-What should a baby named who has red curry fried hair do?

Red curry baby.

-You know what is the most sensible work we can do in this life?

-We should keep doing Korma and curry on with life.

-Do you know from which race does the green curry and red curry come from?

The Thai race.

-What is the mixture of curry and porridge called?


curry puns

Funny Curry Puns

-What is an Indian called when he is in a Ferrari? 

A curry who is in a hurry.

-What is the food delivery service which came up new in India named as? 

A Curryer.

-Do you know what is so special about the age group of eighteen to twenty-three? 

It is the perfect time to make your curry-er.

-How much cash can you rob from a jewelry shop in India?

As much as you can carry with you.

-The whole nation hopes that Sachin can curry on his batting like before after his shoulder injury.

-Do you know what is the most striking thing about Megan Fox? 

She has a different level of Curry-sma infused within her.

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-The new pandemic that is spreading like a fire throughout the world will end soon, meanwhile, we should carry on to taking protective measurements against it.

-Which country did Columbus the explorer invent in his voyage of going around the world?

The Curry-bian Islands.

-Do you know who infects the  Covid-19 Virus?

Nobody, but another human being as humans themselves are the Curry-er for this disease.

-The prime minister blessed the athlete for his work and asked him to carry on.

-What is the name of a curry that is baked? 


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