Covid 19 Inquiry Letter Template

Sometimes there occur some situations when you have to write a letter to an organization to inquire about covid 19 situation on behalf of your company or organization. If you do not know how to write an inquiry letter then you can try the sample letters below.

In these letter templates, we have mentioned all the necessary points that you require to create an inquiry letter. Keep in mind that the letter should be written in formal format and you must have to include all your queries one by one which you want to know from them.

Letter Template: 1

[Name of the sender]

[Name of the company]

[Title of job]

[Address, zip code]




[Name of the recipient]

[Name of the organization]

[Title of job]

[Address, zip code]

Sub- Inquiry about covid 19.

Dear [name of the recipient],

I am [person’ name] and I am writing this letter to inquire about covid 19 situation in our country. We are all aware that the covid 19 pandemic has created a terrible situation for everyone. The covid 19 cases are increasing day by day. So, I am seeking some important information about this pandemic.

I want to know about the treatment of covid 19 patients. What are the facilities your organization is providing them? If any employee of my company tests covid 19 positive, what will the role of your organization be? I also want to know if the covid 19 parents are getting any financial help or not. Please provide me with the details about [other queries].

I would be grateful if you provide me with the answers to my inquiries. I can be reached through the mentioned phone number and email address.

With regards and thanks.


[Name of the sender].

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