Cover Letter for Internship: 4 Templates and Emails

We are here to help you compose cover letters for your internship. The letter samples are composed in such a way that anyone can use them according to their respective necessities. All you will have to do is to copy the content and paste it into your document. Make sure to use your own details at the required places.

Letter Template: 1

Cover Letter for Internship

Mention Your Name]

[Address of the Sender]

Dear [mention your name],

This is to inform you that I [mention your name] would like to apply for the position of [mention the position] in [mention your organization name]. I discovered the information of the job offer in [mention job site] on [mention the date]. I do believe that my qualification, experience, and skills make me suitable for this job.

I do have sufficient experience to apply for the position of [mention the position]. I have done my graduation in [mention stream] with specialization in [mention specific subject]. I have also done my masters in [mention the stream] from the University of [Mention the university name]. After doing my master in [mention the university name], I had worked in the college premises for [mention the months]. 

I had been teaching the students on the subject and inspired me also to indulge in research-related activities. I had been also involved in different office-related work in the college premises. I am hardworking and capable and do have the ability to convince the people with my excellent communication and leadership skills. 

As I saw in the advertisement published by your company on [ mention the advertising platform] on [ mention date], I am very much confident that I will be fulfilling the responsibilities as per your company’s standards and as per the assigned deadlines. 

I am ready to go for the industrial training that you will be providing me for [mention the period of internship].  I do understand that I will be paid a certain amount as a stipend and once I clear my internship, I will be absorbed in [mention the organization name] as the regular employee.  

Considering the information that I have mentioned above for the post of [mention the position], I understand that you will definitely consider my profile and select me for the respective post. I am confident that I will be successful once you select me for your organization. Kindly call me at [mention contact number] or send me an email at [mention email id]. 

Thanking You,

Faithfully Yours 

[Mention your name]

Letter Template: 2

Cover Letter for Internship

 [Mention Your Name]

[Address of the Sender]

Dear [mention name],

 I am wishing to submit my resume for the position of [mention the position] that you have posted on [mention the advertising platform] on [mention the date]. I have attached my resume along with this particular mail and I do believe that you will definitely find me suitable for the post. Let me explain to you the qualification, skills, and experience that I have actually for the post of [mention the post].

 I had been studying in [mention the name of the college] and I had been certified with a bachelor’s degree in the field of [mention the stream] with a specialization in [mention subject]. 

I always excelled in [mention the subject [and always proved best in my practical assignment. With my profound technical knowledge, I successfully built [mention the number of projects] for fulfilling the requirements of the internal assignments. 

I had also proved best in my theoretical papers. Apart from scoring highly at graduation level with a percentage of [mention the percentage], I had been equally competent in proving myself the best in sports. 

I was the captain of the [mention the sports] and achieved gold medals in different inter-college championships. After passing graduation in the year of [mention the year], I did my masters in [mention specialization] for [mention the period].

To justify further to work in your company as an intern, I had already delivered excellent performance in [mention previous organization] in the post of [ Mention position ]. I have been associated with the excellent professional people over there. They guided and inspired me to perform the best.

 In return, I have been able to collaborate and deliver high-quality performance and also develop my communication and leadership skills. 

I am extremely confident of my goals and I do happen to deliver with honesty and sincerity. I know that once I join your company , I will always go beyond the expectations of your company in fulfilling the target. 

Thanking You,

Sincerely Yours,

[mention your name]

Letter Template: 3

Cover Letter for Internship

 [Mention Your Name]

[Address of the Sender]

Dear [mention name ],

In the post of [mention the position] , you will find me highly capable and efficient in meeting [ mention the organization ]’s requirements.  I am highly excited about this particular post that you advertised on [mention the advertising platform]  on [ mention the date]  and I commit to do my duties with sincerity and dedication and prove to be an asset to the organization.

I am [ Mention your age ] and sending the resume related to my education and experience in the attached form. Once you go through my profile, you will definitely understand why I am the only deserving candidate for the position of [ mention the position ]. I would like to share the information about my academic career and experience 

Firstly, I would like to let you know the work that I have done in my previous company, you will understand why am I suitable for the position of [mention the position] in your company.  I was working in the department of [ mention department name] and I had been responsible for handling the projects.

I had been appreciated for exhibiting the best performance and collaborating with colleagues with effective communication skills.  

The management of the company had rated me as the best performer and rewarded me with incentives. Prior to my professional career, I had been a student of [ mention the subject ] and did my graduation in this [subject ] from [ mention the college name] for [ mention years]. I was the topper in the college and then I joined for a master’s in the same college with a scholarship.

I find myself an expert in handling the responsibilities in the position of [ mention the position ] that you have posted on the [ mention advertising platform]. With my updated skills and experience, I will definitely manage the challenges by the company.  I am very much eager to join and deliver the best. 

I am looking forward to hear from your end soon. 

Thanks and Regards,

[ Mention your name]

Letter Template: 4

Cover Letter for Internship

[Mention Your Name]

[Address of the Sender]

Dear [mention name ],

As I saw the requirement for the position of [mention the position]  in the [ mention the advertising platform] for your company, so I am deeply interested to work in this company. The requirements that you have mentioned in the advertising page is highly inspiring indeed and I know that once  I join [ mention the organization], I will definitely excel. I would like to explain why am I a deserving candidate for the position of [ mention the position]. 

Since I will be in the internship period of [ mention the internship period ] months in your company, it will be a great deal of opportunity to learn new skills and apply them accordingly for my professional goals. I am sure to put my best efforts into the internship and improve my quality of work. I already have an experience of [ mention the experience period ] for months/ years, I am confident that I would not take much time to complete an internship and qualify for the assessment. 

I do have an extraordinary ability to communicate with people and this quality of mine will definitely help me to win over the clients of the organization along with my colleagues and other seniors. I will not hesitate also to communicate anything objectionable to my next level senior or also to higher authorities. 

As I have already worked with high-quality standards in [ mention the previous organization ] and enhanced its market value, I will not find it difficult to fulfill the quality criteria of [ mention the organization]. For my high-quality work, I had always got awarded or rewarded. I am confident that I will be definitely recognized for my skills. 

As per my educational qualification goes, I have done my graduation in [ mention the stream] from the University of [ mention the university name] . I had been always appreciated for my excellence in academics. 

With my experience and qualification, I will definitely do justice by working in the position of [mention the position].

I am looking for a quick response from your end.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

[ mention your name]

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