54+ Best Corn Puns and Funny Quotes

What makes the movies more interesting? The Pop-corns right! Do you know these corns are available in so many different ways to us and they taste so tasty. What about making them more interesting with the help of some puns. Well, here are some of the corn puns to make you day a bit more interesting.

Corn Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Guess why we should never carry corn on an aeroplane?

Our ears will ‘pop’!

  • Putting a thread into a knife needs a lot of _’corn- centration’.

What happens if you eat mutton on a daily basis?

You can get ‘corn-stipated’.

Corn Puns
  • The grass eaters are a good example of ‘corn-ivoreous’ animals.

_What can be better and healthier than bread and jam in the morning?

Some ‘corn-flakes’ and cow milk.

_The ‘corn-field’ danced in winds as they heard the music of raining falling on Earth.

_Do you know there is a software for corn lovers to order corn whenever they want? 

It is developed in ‘sili-corn’ valley.

_What can be as adventurous as the jantar mantar? 

A person lost in a ‘corn maze’. 

_What happens when you practice cricket in a ‘corn maze’? 

The ball always gets ‘creamed’. 

_What can be more sweet and cute than the corn itself?

‘Sweet’ corn.

Corn Puns

_I wanted to admire her beauty but I did not as I  thought,I would sound ‘corny’.

_What is the name of the dance that is done in the corn-field.

A ‘cornball dance’.

_Do you like corny jokes?

I find these ‘corny’ jokes ‘A-maizeing’.

_Name the most ‘corny’ football player of all time in the history of football.

David Beckham!

_Corn 1:hey what is the name of your father?

Corn 2:’Pop-corn’!

_What happens when you need to choose between caramel popcorn and cheesy popcorn?

You get ‘corn fused’!

_Oops I just stepped on a corn,now I am a ‘cereal killer’!

_Caramel popcorn finally ‘corn-fessed’ that he is better than cheesy popcorn in taste and cost .

_The quickest way to increase the profit of corn farmers is to ‘corn-er’ the market.

_What is a state fair organization in a supermarket called as?


_Some people might say that Popcorns are quite hard to chew. Well, you may find a kernel of truth about it .

_What is the name of the flour that is made of corn? 


_Corn makes which part of your eye better?


_What it is called when a corn rides a horse-


_If a corn goes out for a walk on a hot summer day he will come back as ‘pop-corn’.

_What is the similarity between a good politician and two talking corns?

They are both imaginary to the society.

_What do you call when Corns go for a meeting? It is called ‘Corn-ference’.

_I was amazed to see the old gentleman going so fast , what was he riding ?

He was riding the ‘unicorn’.

_What has ears? But cannot hear?

A field where lot of corn grows and you may lose yourself inside it. 

_What do you call a Corn who kills a lot of other corns? 

A ‘Cornage’.

_The corn in their country removed the rule of Kings. Now they are ‘republicorn’.

_What is the similarity between a good politician and two talking corns? 

They are both imaginary.

_What do you call when one corn gives another corn some important message.

They ‘corn-vey’.

_Popcorn, Baby corn and Sweet corn are best friends.They are each other’s ‘Cornstants’.

_Popcorn and Babycorn are Planning to kill Sweetcorn. They are doing some serious ‘Corn-spiracy’.

_Sweet corn walked away from baby corn when he sneezed because he is ‘corn-tagious’. 

_Baby corn does not like late night parties. Baby corn is very ‘Corn-servative’.

_Popcorn is always dis-agreeing with other corns. His opinions are very corn-troversial.

_Popcorn and Babycorn connect quite well. They have a great ‘corn-ectivity’.

_Popcorn did not allow Babycorn to go out. 

He was ‘Corn-fined’.

_The corn lover was ‘corn-fused’ when he needed to choose between sweet corn and baby corn.

Corn Puns

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