Congratulation Letters for Award – 5 Sample Templates

Congratulation Congratulation Letters for Award - 5 Sample Templates

Congratulation Letters for Award – 5 Sample Templates

Awards are very special for people and it takes a lot of sweat and blood to achieve something as big so that you get awarded for it and hence to show them that it makes you equally happy, always write letters to your friends, families, and colleagues when they get awarded for something.

This letter should notably focus on how much hard work they have put and now it has paid back also you can mention that you would like them to guide people around them so that they also get the right direction. These letters can be both formal and informal.

Best Congratulation Letters for Award

Congratulation Letters for Award Sample 1

Hello John,

It’s great to know that you have been awarded the employee of the year. I know how much hard work you have put in this job and this award is truly well deserved.

I am extremely proud to see you grow in your field of expertise. I have always seen you as someone who is very curious to learn new things, experimenting with the procedure that currently exists. I wish that you get promoted soon as well and then we will celebrate all your victories together.

You getting this award is no less than an achievement for all of us and when you mentioned us in your speech that made us extremely overwhelmed for the honor that you gave us. We wish you all the best and wish you all the success in your life.




Congratulation Letters for Award Sample 2

Dear Ron,

It is so so great to know that you got awarded for the research you did on cancer. I knew you are going to do great things when while very kid wished to be a celebrity and you said you want to be an explorer. I never knew that your exploration will bring you to the doorsteps of one of the biggest issues that mankind is facing, the merciless diseases cancer.

I read the research and I am extremely proud of you to do such extensive research and I would also like to add that with the hard work that you have opt-in this paper I know that you will one day be on the heights of success and prosperity. You have added feathers to the institution’s hat and we would love to facilitate you on this very happy occasion.

Your award is a result of hard work, dedication and the curious attitude that you have. I feel that that the tagline of apple suits you more and I wish that you stay hungry for knowledge forever. Many many congratulations on this award and trust me many awards are on the way after this.




Congratulation Letters for Award Sample 3

Hello Julia,

I came across this letter from United nations who have decided to award you with a very prestigious award for your contributions in the field of rights of underprivileged. 

It makes my heart goes rhyming many tunes that the person like you, a girl next door has become an inspiration for so many. Your dedication and selfless attitude towards the society has made you get this award and hence I would like to say that stay like this forever. Continue your fight against the oppression that these people had to go through.

At this very young age, if you are able to do something of this scale I feel that given a platform your voice will give direction to many. This award is just the beginning I see a future leader in you and I would pray to God to give you all the strength that is required.

This award has made all of us very proud and happy, you will go miles and miles and remember all your teachers will always stay by your side. Go and tells the world that even one voice can make a difference. Many many congratulations my kid.



Congratulation Letters for Award Sample 4

Hello Johny,

This morning I received the news of you being awarded the prize for the best student of the year in your convocation.

This is such happy news that I am writing this letter to you to tell that you have the whole family very proud. We as parents are very hopeful that you will keep growing like this. Wards like these are a matter of pride and happiness because this is given to kids who are extraordinary good, who excel in all the fields of studies.

You remember we used to say that the day you will make us proud we will give you whatever you ask for today. As you have made us happy as parents we want to treat you with something that you love the most. You are a very right kid and we are overwhelmed that our family is now excelling in the academic field as well. This is no less than a dream come true and we promise that we will always support you in all your decision. You are a very good son and we both want to say that we love you a lot and would always be there for you.

Enjoy your day kid, keep playing keep studying just stay happy.

Regardss& Love

Your parents


Congratulation Letters for Award Sample 5

Hello, my child,

You are a very special kid and you know why because you work very hard in your studies and even harder when it comes to music. We would like to congratulate you for the achievement that you received. This ward is very special one and it is given to only one kid in a whole year. You have been loved in your school for the voice that you have and for the performer that hides in you.

With your continous mesmerizing performances the school has decided to honor you with the award. We are extremely proud to present to you these awards. Kids like you are the future of our country and we wish that you grow as much as you want and sing as much as you can. Many many congratulations and I would like you to pursue your passion in your life.

State school Houston


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