Congratulation Letter on Publishing a book – 7 Sample Formats

When someone likes writing its a big deal for them to publish a book or an article because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get something published hence if you know someone who successfully has a book on their name,

wish them congratulations and definitely write about how you found that book or article and let them know that you are looking forward to reading some more of their writing.

Also praise different aspects of the book and you can add what would you as a reader want to read in the future this will give them ideas for writing more.

How Do You Congratulate Someone on Their Book?

  • Keep the congratulation letter precise and simple.
  • Begin the letter by offering congratulations to the person whose book got accepted to be published.
  • Mention how you knew that the person would once again fame for his creative talent (here write a bit about his or her skills)
  • Write thank you to the person for sharing his or her work with you for your review as a reader before sending the work to the publication house.
  • Write a bit about your thoughts on the subject line.
  • Mention how you see this book can help others or how they will enjoy reading it as well.
  • When concluding the letter, wish him or her luck for the massive success of the book and for a bright career ahead.

Template: 1

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Dear Mrs. Perkins,

Many congratulations on getting your ebook of short memories accepted via the publisher. I even have always been engrossed with the tales that you have previously told, and I knew that finally some editor might see your experience and get your paintings known to a much broader audience.

I am aware that it has taken several difficult paintings to get your e-book to the stage it’s far at now, and I am positive that it’ll show to be the primary of many.


John Green
Head of technology
SM technologies

congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 2

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Hello Rebecca,

I congratulate you on the ebook of your exceptional e-book on rearing children. It’s a terrific reminder of the appearance of the humorous facet of our everyday challenges of upbringing a child.

I actually have shared a number of your stories with my very own children and we’ve got all found pride in them. Thank you for sharing with us the gift which you have worked so hard to refine. I know soon you will be on the top seller list in the country.
Yours loving

congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 3

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Hello Steffy,

I read your latest article entitled “Creative Writing at Three: Early Childhood Education in the Home” in The Journal and changed into so inspired that I wanted to thank you in my view for your thought-provoking, yet practical, insights.

I hadn’t considered that by asking our children to inform us of testimonies, we have been supporting them to grasp basic literacy concepts consisting of plot, setting, and character.

I actually have read articles on similar subjects, however, none had been as clear or as relevant as yours.

I look forward to reading your subsequent book. You have fulfilled the need for a book on adolescence and how to nurture their writing dreams.


congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 4

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Hello Robby,

Congratulations on the upcoming book of your ebook of experiences while traveling. The few that you allow me to study had been so correct it’s a marvel they were not snatched up sooner.

Your voice is brilliant and new in a manner that is not self-conscious. After all the work you put in in this volume, it looks like you will subsequently be recognized.

If there’s any justice, the fulfillment of your first e-book will maintain you going properly beyond the second and third…

I wish that more and more people read your book and get inspired to explore the beauty of nature and heritage present in the world.

Wishing you all the best
With Love

congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 5

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Hey John,

Congratulations on getting your article published! Precious few have dared to write down the demanding situations of environmental compliance for small businesses.

You have written a terrific article that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course, tons of your problems became your own tough-won experience in the matter.

Nevertheless, you need to have performed a wheelbarrow-complete of research. I admire you. I wager this means we can see more of you in the print media from now on. I say greater strength to you!

I wish that this awakens everyone’s soul and they show more empathy towards nature.


congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 6

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Dear Sandra,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your first article published in the newspaper. I became excited to study your first article published in the esteemed newspaper “The Herald.” The headline “Can racism affect younger minds” turned into quite thrilling and attractive.

The article dealt with surveys and analyses of young college students from unique nations who have a look at New York. It delivered new sides of racism and its influence on youngsters. The article becomes surely exact and worth studying.

I even have examined quite a few of your articles and reports from our college days. I know nicely how good a writer you are. But these days, it was gorgeous to see your article presented in one of the country’s leading dailies. It is a tremendous fulfillment.

You have labored difficult for this day. Your patience and resolution have paid and now every person will be reading your articles in this newspaper on day by day basis. Your ethics have helped you to reach this place. My high-quality wishes for your future endeavors.

Once again, I congratulate you on your first e-book. I studied the entire article and enjoyed it. I will personally come down to fulfill you once I will be inside the town subsequent month.

I will contact you by telephone or electronic mail once my tour plans are fixed. I am looking ahead to fulfilling you.

Yours truly,

Paul Young

congratulation letter on publishing book

Template: 7

Congratulation Letter on Publishing a Book

Dear friend,

I am so overwhelmed to know that you have in the end published your book which took you approximately 4 years. It is certainly fantastic news, and I am sure you ought to be feeling proud too to very own a book of your personal.

When I heard approximately it, I immediately rushed to the shop and acquired a copy. Though I haven’t completed reading it, it appears to be an inspiring book. You are indeed a wonderful writer, and I look ahead to analyzing greater such books of yours.

Today, you have been a success in publishing a book solely because of your difficult paintings and efforts. Not to neglect additionally the help and encouragement given by means of your buddies and circle of relatives made you gain your aim.

So hearty congratulations on your achievement and all the satisfaction to you for writing greater books in destiny.

Yours faithfully,


congratulation letter on publishing book

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