Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract – 7 Templates

It takes a lot of efforts to stay strong in the competitive market and for keep growing the business and making profits it is important that you get few contacts a year and this needs a lot of hard work to build a good portfolio, many strong and genuine references who can issue letters as and when required.

A strong network also takes a lot of public relations activities and hence when anyone from your known circle gets a contract, dont forget to congratulate them and also show them the solidarity that you stand with them on all the occasions and also help them in getting the work done in deadline.

Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract

Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 1

Hello Justin,


You did a marvelous job on the Timber account. Even when everyone else lost faith, you pushed it through. We definitely owe this success to you. Please accept the enclosed bonus as our way of saying thank you. You have out your heart and soul in getting the project and we bow down for the efforts you put into.

You have tremendous talent and potential, and I am confident in your ability to repeat this success when we bid for our next account.

Assistant Manager


Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 2

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for securing the stationery contract. I know how hard you worked to make your presentation perfect, and you deserve both our thanks and our congratulations. We are very pleased that we have you with our team. I loved the way you presented our idea of custom stationery and how you made them belive a delivery system is exceptionally well for them.

I hope you view this success not only as a part of your job, but also as the personal victory that it is. Keep up the good work! We believe you will achieve greater heights in the future.



Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 3

Hello Rob,

Congratulations! You did it again.

Your presentation on Monday was everything I hoped it would be. The Micheal representatives must have been impressed, too, because they called this morning to make arrangements to close a very profitable contract with us. We have been privileged to have you in our team and your innovative ideas in presentations have fetched us many great clients.

I feel I must tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding work you have contributed to our company, and I want to give you my personal best wishes for success in the future. We are happy that you are part of our team.



Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 4

Hello Ronny,

Excellent work securing the Springfield Hall remodeling contract! This job will surely give TFT Construction a name in this city. You have been working very hard on the project and the credit for this deal goes to you and the team that you chose for yourself.

We were up against some pretty big competition, but the bid you put together is both attractive and doable. The real key was your skill as a negotiator. We reward our stars, so expect a tidy bonus appended to your next paycheck as our way of saying thanks!

We wish that in future also you keep working this way and we keep getting good clients. Loyal clients like you are our biggest assets and we would love to see you grow with the organization.

Martin Guptill


Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 5

Hello Julia,

I, on behalf of the firm, heartily congratulate you on winning a contract. We appreciate your efforts and hard work which you had put in this contract in the form of follow-ups and regular meetings with clients since last year. As you are very prudent towards your every project, this is assured that in future also we expect the plausible work from you.

This contract for our firm is really a big achievement and through this, our company leads to high dignities which will enhance the growth and fortify the firm’s capitalism.

Our manager has decided to provide you more projects to work on because of your truly appreciable work and dedication to win the contract. We are very glad to have such hardworking employees who are themselves very talented and embellish the company.

You have enough potential and talent, and we are assured of your ability in persuading success when we bid for other project contracts.

Andrew G

Assistant Manager


Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 6

Hello Brad,

I had to visit my mates at Browns in Chesham today and what greeted me as I drove in the yard, a line up of RED Kubota M40 series tractors. Yes RED…apparently they’ve landed a very nice contract to supply Connaught with a lot of their new machinery but they have to be in Connaught colors.

The Hayter triples, Hayter trailed gangs…all had tinwork etc changed to red. So congrats to Peter Hopkinson and his crew for a very nice little earner in this day and age.

Your presentation worked for them and they have offered you a role ass marketing executive as well and I would want to personally meet and congratulate you for the same.



Congratulation Letter for Winning a Contract Sample 7

Dear Beck,

I was very delighted to know that you were assigned the new bridge project in the marina bay area. I have always been confident in your abilities and this news comes to me as no surprise. I am very surprised by the idea of sustainable development that you presented in front of the authorities which impressed them the most.

You are going to achieve heights and there are yet miles for you to cover but in the coming years your innovative ideas are going to dominate the market.

Your dedication and hard work have come to fruition. Now it is your chance to show that you can take it to the next level. I am positive that you will succeed in this assignment and that you will deliver outstanding results.

Congratulations to you on the project. Wishing you the best of luck.



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