Congratulation letter for Engagement – 8 Sample Templates

Congratulation Congratulation letter for Engagement - 8 Sample Templates

Congratulation letter for Engagement – 8 Sample Templates

Engagement is the first step towards marriage, towards a future with someone you will wake up to forever. If you know someone who is recently going to get engaged or who got engaged recently do wish them luck and also bless them with wishes like may they end up till eternity.

You must also give them gifts which will be useful in near future. Do meet them personally and share your experiences to encourage them and make them believe that they took the right decision.

Congratulation letter for Engagement

Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 1

Dear Angela, 

Congrats on your engagement! This is the start of your cheerfully ever after. I’m glad to the point that you discovered somebody who satisfies you and your heart. I truly couldn’t have discovered anybody preferred for you over Bryan. 

As you get ready for your huge day, that is DD/MM/YYYY, make sure to take it all in gradually. Acknowledge all the blossoms, all the best, the affection that you get from all, the enjoyment and each occasion of your wedding. This will be such a cheerful day. Remember to appreciate all of the weddings and in particular, recall that this day is just about you and your prospective spouse Bryan, so appreciate to the fullest mix! I am upset about not having the option to make it to your engagement. In any case, don’t you stress, I will be traveling to your place on the eighth, to assist you with all the wedding arranging, after the entirety of that is bridesmaids main thing, eh? 

Congrats to the lady of the hour and husband to be to be, 

Heaps of Love, 

Zayelex Fisher, 


Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 2

Dear Bet, 

Much obliged to you for sending me your declaration of the uplifting news. Congrats on your engagement! At the point when John and I originally observed you two together, we remarked that two individuals couldn’t be more qualified for one another. 

So here are the following hardly any euphoric months as we get readied to recount to your sentimental story to your children. I’m so cheerful as you have accomplished all that you at any point needed. I can’t hold back to watch both of you walk your next experience together. 

With warm wishes for the best to come your way, as you both anticipate an ecstatically shared eventual fate of affection, companionship and the hypnotizing closeness of marriage. 

May your marriage be loaded up with affection and chuckling. 

Bunches of Love, 



Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 3

Dear Sofia, 

I simply heard the magnificent updates on your engagement to John. Congrats! If at any point there was a match that was intended to be, it’s both of you! I offer you my genuine favors and all the best for an exceptionally long, glad association.

Engagement is a union of two souls who are going to promise each other their whole lives with full soul. I wish that you two enjoy this journey and have a blast after marriage.




Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 4

Dear trump, 

I have recently discovered that you have gotten excessively connected with to Jane. Congrats! It has consistently appeared to be predetermined that you were to be as one. I offer my wholehearted all the best for a long and upbeat marriage. 

I was so glad to catch wind of your engagement. Congrats! I am anticipating meeting Jane. On the off chance that she has even 50% of your sterling characteristics, you two will make an awesome couple. 

Here’s wishing you numerous cheerful years together. 

Bunches of affection, 



Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 5

Dear Lindsey, 

Congrats on your wedding engagement! I’m so glad to hear that you and Alex are making the following stride together. 

I’ve appreciated watching you develop as an individual to such an extent. I recollect when you and John initially met and how moment your association with him was. I’m energized that both of you have discovered love and I can hardly wait to assist you with getting ready for your wedding. I’m constantly here for you and anticipate viewing your relationship bloom. 

May your affection sparkle more splendid and your friends become more extravagant as time passes. 

All the best, 



Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 6

Dear happiness, 

That I am so eager to find out about your engagement! Congrats and Best Wishes for an upbeat wedded life. I am glad to realize that you are getting hitched to your very own young lady decision. I am sure that both of you will make a perfect couple.

You are presently conceding to an incredible duty and I wish all of you achievement in cruising through it. If it’s not too much trouble let me know when the marriage will be solemnized. IV is excitedly anticipating going along with you on this event. 

Good luck throughout everyday life. 

With affection and respects, 

Genuinely Yours, 



Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 7

Dear Jane and John, 

I am so glad for both of you on your engagement! I can hardly wait to watch you start your lives together—with an unparalleled view, no less! Much obliged to you for remembering me for your big day. I can hardly wait to celebrate. 

All the best, 


Congratulation letter for Engagement Sample 8

Dear Harry, 

With much enjoyment, I might want to above all else thank you for sending me a declaration letter in regards to your engagement. I am exceptionally eager to hear the news and composing this letter to compliment you. I was happy to realize that you are at long last going to wed the adoration for your life, Martha! Sincere congrats to both of you on your engagement and I should reveal to you that I am extremely upbeat for both of you! 

Since the time I know you, I have consistently observed and heard the adoration that you have for Martha. I generally realized that you both are made for one another and the updates on your engagement have truly made me sprightly. Congrats to you on such a cheerful association and all the best to both of you for an upbeat future. At the point when I originally observed you and Martha together, the voice in my mind said that two individuals couldn’t be more qualified for one another, similar to both of you. I am so eager to be a piece of your wedding and appreciate all the wedding customs and capacities. I need to see you both vowing to go through your lives with one another. 

By and by, ardent congrats to you on your engagement and I am searching forward for your big day. I am certain that the adoration between both of you will last till time everlasting. God gesundheit! 



Derek Williams

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