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Condolence letter to a bereaved family- Sample Template

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Subject- Condolence letter to a bereaved family

Dear Sir,

I can comprehend the loss that your family is undergoing. My heart breaks to think of the sudden death of [name of the family member]. I am sure that your family can feel the emptiness as [name of the family member] was one of the most important member of your close knitted family.

Me and my family extend our sympathies and prayers. I knew [name of the family member] as one of the most loving person. He was like my brother and it feels like a complete personal loss. His ambitious mind and adventurous soul inspired me the most. I hope uncle and aunty will soon cope-up with such a loss. I can imagine their emotional condition as parents. 

I am with your family. You can always count on me and please let me know if you want any help. Please take good care of your family. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Yours Sincerely,

[Name of the sender]

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