Condolence Letter on Death of Father: 7 Sample Templates

It can be tough to decide how to start your condolence letter for a father. Indeed, the toughest component is choosing the primary words of your condolence letter. Remember that if you write from your coronary heart your letter will honestly mirror each of your emotions of sympathy and the nature of your relationship with the grieving.

This is very personal to write a letter of sympathy and condolences, so the language of your greeting should reflect that.

When addressing your supposed recipient, your greeting should constantly include the sound of the person you are writing your letter to. The specific nature of your dating with the bereaved will assist you in deciding the exact phrasing that needs to be used. Here are some sample pointers for your greeting

Condolence letter on the death of Father

Letter Template: 1

Dear Rebecca,

Your father’s sudden death shocked me and my whole family. Please remember that you are always our priority and will be in the thoughts and prayers of our entire family.

Words can not express our feeling that how sorry I am to hear about the passing of your father. I can understand this loss cannot be repaid because there are few losses as great as the loss of a parent. May your father’s memories remain and strengthen you as you are facing the hard days ahead.

Just remember, we are just a call away from you. We love you the most and will always support you.

 Kindly accept our deepest condolences.

Your loving friend:


condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 2

My dear friend John

Please accept our heartfelt condolences at this toughest time and I ask that you please convey these sentiments to your beloved family and your father’s friends. I wish I could have the opportunity to acknowledge your father as I can see how his character and strength passed into you, and you are capable to manage all situations peacefully and calmly. 

I am expressing my innermost condolences to you and your family. My prayers and wishes are with you throughout this time.

You loving friend 


condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 3

Dear Ramo

I want to extend my innermost condolences on the loss of life of your father. It is hard to assume how you feel now; however, we can experience your pain and provide our heartfelt sympathies. Please inform us if there may be something that we can assist within this tough time

May your heart fill with wonderful memories of joyful times soon and celebrate your life as you suppose to live. Sorrow is just a phase, and one remembers there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

 Your’s Janifer

condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 4

Dear Miller

Please accept our deepest condolence on your fathers’ death. I know, this is a hard situation for you to recover and you must be devasted, but dear friend these are the situations we all have to face one day.

We all had our losses in our life, but we have to carry on with a heavy heart.  We can not forget the past, but we have to live our normal life for our loved ones. So, please think about the cheerful memories with your father and pay your heartiest tribute to him. 

Friend, even in pain, we try to find hope, so please be strong and remember that we are here for you. For any assistance pls call us.

Yours’ truly 

Mike and Family 

condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 5

Dear friend,

I heard your father’s death news. It shacked me, and I was unable to imagine the situation you are passing through. I know this tough time has broken down you and your family.

But anyhow, we all have to accept this bitter truth and need to move on in our life sooner or later. It is not easy, but for your loved one, you have to do this and try to fill the place that your father left in your family.

I and my family whole heartily accompany you in this great sorrow. Please do not feel alone and let us know of any assistance.

With these words, I am hoping good for your upcoming life and closing this letter.

Your Friend 

(Reana smith)

condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 6

Dear Ethen,

It extremely saddened me when I heard about the sudden death of your father. My feelings and condolence are with you and your family.

Your father was a kind and courageous man, and he will be sorely missed by every one. I was very shocked when I heard of his death. Throughout the night, I kept reminiscing all the wonderful times I passed with him.

He was like a brother to me. I especially remember the time when we used to go fishing in the lake, we caught the most amazing fish and used to have fun, and the roast we did afterward was memorable.

His death shocked me because the last time I called him and talked over his voice, he informed me that his health was improving day by day after the heart surgery. Even we planned to go for another fishing trip to the lake. Your father’s life has touched much life, including mine, and motivated me to live fully.

Even I cannot picture the sorrow your mother must be facing, but please convey to her my condolences and also communicate to her I will be there to see her soon.

 Ethen, you have to be strong enough to take out your family from the pain of this sorrow. 

My prayers are always with you and your family, 

Sincerest Condolences,

condolence letter on death of father

Letter Template: 7

Dear Milenia,

The news of your loss has made me really sad, and I never saw this coming as I have known your dad for over 20 years now. He was one of the jolliest people I knew. He used to tell everyone to love and live every moment because life is unpredictable, and it feels like he is gone too soon.

Kid, I want to tell you that I am not your father; always remember that whenever you miss him or need any help I am just a thought away and would do anything.

I am there in your pain and in your sorrows but always remember he wanted you to be happy and successful so just fulfill his dream.

Your uncle will help you with everything, and I will be your guardian from now on. Let us meet soon so that you also breathe in the fresh air and start to get back to life.

Yours dear

Uncle John

condolence letter on death of father

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