Unavailability of Documents Complaint Letter Template

If you are a student of any university and have faced some situation of unavailability of required documents from the university office then what should you do? I think you can write a complaint letter to the university to resolve your issue quickly.

We are here to help to write this letter in a proper format. Here we have included some sample letters regarding this topic for your help. Now to complete your letter your task is to follow our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention designation of addressee]

[Mention authority name]

[Address of the authority]

Respected [recipient’s name], 

I call your attention to the fact that I am not getting an essential document from university officials. I have completed my graduation from your eminent university and my student identification number was [mention ID number].

As the university does not offer post-graduation degrees hence I have to apply to some other university for the same. For this purpose, I need my transcript from the university.

As I know getting the transcript requires an ample amount of time so I applied for it one month ago. Nevertheless, it has been almost one and a half months since I did not get the transcript so far. 

I tried to communicate with the university office but they told me it would take one more month. However, the universities I was applying for asked for the transcript right now otherwise they may cancel my application.

Office members are very much aware of the fact that when transcripts are needed. Despite they are delaying with their service. They clearly have said they won’t be able to provide the transcript as of now. It is very crucial for me to get the transcript in time otherwise it will affect my career in the future.

Finding no other way I am writing this to you to help me to overcome this difficulty. Without your force, they would not do anything. I hope for your kind consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

[Sender Name]

unavailability of documents complaint letter

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