A Complaint Letter to Travel Agency for The Wrong Travel Itinerary


The Manager,

[Travel Company Name]


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to complain about a vacation booked through your travel agency. On [mention date] we went to [destination name] and returned on [mention date]. I was looking forward to my vacation, but I’m very disappointed.  We faced a plethora of  problems throughout the trip.

However, now I am coming to the main point. Your agency provide us an itinerary. But as we wanted to make  this trip customized we made an itinerary by our own and provided it to you. We had a deal that the trip will be based on our itinerary completely. Your agency agreed on that. Previous tour package was [mention cost] but as we made customized plan the agency charged some more amount of [mention extra cost]. We settled on that too. Everything was fixed.

Suddenly from the starting day of our tour the [hotel name] hotel could not agree on our customised itinerary. They followed the previous one which was less costly. Meanwhile we had contacted your agency and had a talk with one of your employee. Somehow due to some misunderstanding between the hotel and your agency we had to suffer. I was expecting it to be a dream vacation. But instead of that it turned into my lousiest trip ever.

Now I hope for the pay back as the trip was based on  the previous itinerary. You just made this trip terrible and maybe it is the last trip with you. 

I look forward to your quick response. 


[sender name]

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