Complaint Letter to the Restaurant about Poor Hygiene Standards- Sample Template



[Name of Restaurant]

[Address of Restaurant]

City, state, zip-code

Subject: Complaint about Poor Hygiene Standards

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter with sheer disappointment owing to the experience of my friends and I underwent at one of your restaurants, and I would like to bring it to your notice. I am a regular customer of your restaurant branch located at [restaurant’s address] as I visit it almost every weekend, celebrating the happy hours with my friends. We always pick one particular meal to order, but this time we decided to go for its much-hyped [name of the deal] deal.

Quite contrary to our expectations, we underwent a horrible experience as the quality of food was very poor. The [specific food name] was overcooked, and it also smelled awful like it was rotten. The [name of dish] also smelled stinky as they seemed expired. On our complaint, the manager [name the manager on duty] did not admit his mistake; instead started arguing with us. However, he offered us to switch the order with anything else on the menu.

We decided not to order anything from there, and to our surprise, the staff handed us a bill. We had to pay the bill for the disgusting food we did not even eat. 

I request you to investigate the whole matter and scrutinize the hygiene and quality standards of the restaurant, so no further displeasure takes place. 


[Your Name]

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