Complaint Letter to the Restaurant about Poor Food- Sample Template



[Name of Restaurant]

[Address of Restaurant]

City, state, zip-code

Subject: Complaint about Poor Food

Dear Sir,

I visited your restaurant on [dd/mm/yr] for dinner with my family. We ordered Italian food and requested the waiter for [name of dish ordered].

The starter came in after a long wait and turned out to be stale. Upon asking, the waiter brought back the same food by adding some layers of salad and overheating it. We had it and left the restaurant without satisfaction. In the night family, all of us started to feel discomfort, and we rushed to a hospital wherein doctors declared food-poisoning. We could avert severe damages due to timely medical attention. 

You have to look after the food you serve to the customers, I feel the standards of your restaurant have come down, and I will never recommend anyone to your place. It is pathetic to see how irresponsible you people are without thinking about the consequences and the health of customers running a business just to mint money.

I request you to kindly investigate and take action against the staff and all the people associated with this matter. I am sending a copy of hospital bills for reimbursement failing, which I will take up the case to the [respective authority name] for stringent action against your restaurant. And serve good food to the customers who trust you.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Contact Number]

[Your Address]

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