Theft In-Home Complaint Letter Template

Sometimes you have to write a complaint letter to the police commissioner about the theft in your home. Now here it’s crucial to mention the whole incident with some relevant points. If you are unable to frame this letter in your own effort then don’t worry because we are here to help you in this situation.

Here in our content we have included some complaint letters regarding this mentioned topic. Just follow our below letters and complete your letter with a proper format.

Letter Template: 1

Your Name

Your Address

Street, City, State




The Commissioner 

Police Department 

[Address details]

City, State, Zip-code

Subject – Complaint About Theft

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to complain about an unfortunate happening [mention date and time]. We were all sleeping in our bedroom, and it’s around [Time] someone knocked at the door, my brother went out to see who is it was and a man held a knife to his throat whilst choking him and dragged him where we all were residing at the time.

Within no time three more guys entered covering their face with black cloths, carrying guns in their hands. They pointed their weapons at all my family members and threatened me.

In a panic I couldn’t do anything and had to do as they told me to, I was ordered to hand over all of the money and the valuables we had in the house at that time, They took the valuables and went away at a running pace, I tried to call our neighbors and we chased after them. Still, as it was almost midnight, we could not follow up. All the valuables are worth about [mention approximate amount]. Fortunately, no one of us was hurt by them.

Please help us find them and recover all the valuables as soon as possible. Kindly file a FIR for theft and I will enclose all the list of things we lost.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely 

[Your Name]

[Contact Number]


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