A Complaint Letter to The Electricity Company for Voltage Fluctuations- Sample Template


The manager

[Name of Electricity Company]

Respected sir

I, on behalf of the inhabitants of (location name), beg to draw your kind and sympathetic attention to the following fact.

Our locality is a highly populated area, is at present suffering from voltage fluctuations for one week. It has become almost a daily routine. It puts us into great difficulties. The students who are going to face their examination the next week are the first victims. Low voltage of electricity has damaged electric lamps, tubes, and other electric appliances. In this hot scorching weather AC’s, coolers are not working. We have been facing it like every summer. Every other year we just asked our area electrician to repair it, but nothing got worked. This summer I just request you to have a look about my complaint and take necessary steps. We pay bill on time, every formality we have done according to the rules and regulations, but when it comes to service it’s really disappointing us.

Under this situation, I would request you to take step as soon as possible for the sake of our local people. 

Thank you very much.


(Your name)

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