A Complaint Letter to The Electricity Company for Miscalculation of Billing- Sample Template


The manager

[Name of Electricity Company]

Respected sir, 

I beg to draw your kind and sympathetic attention to the following fact. I have been living in (location name) for the last 5 years. My consumer Id is (consumer id no).Today I was shocked to receive the current electric bill (bill no) for an amount of (total amount). My electricity bill amounts generally range between (amount) to (amount). The bill for these last three months is almost double the amount of my regular bill.

I investigated the matter from my side to find out the error. I was quite shocked to see the reading part of the last three months electricity bill. There seems to be a mistake in the reading for the last months. It is mentioned as [mention reading details] instead of [mention reading details] as the final reading of the last months. As such there is a mistake of [mention calculation] units in the bill. I kindly request you to correct the current bill and issue a fresh bill for these three months. Otherwise please adjust the excess amount to be paid by me for the current wrong bill amount in the next month’s bill payment. I have also captured a photo of the latest meter reading. Please go through that to verify the meter reading. 

I request you to investigate this matter seriously and if you want, you can send your person to check the meter.

I appreciate if this matter of unfair excess billing is resolved at the earliest. Waiting for your immediate action.

Thank you very much.


(Your name)

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