Complaint letter to developer for providing wrong floor plan


[Designation of addressee]

[Name of Development Company]

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter to register a complaint for providing wrong floor plan for my house. On (date) I entered into a contract with your company to construct a house at my address. The [mention name of consumer protection act] is the Act which seeks to provide for better protection of the interests of consumer.

Unfortunately, the plan is not satisfactory because it is not the correct plan that I have already discussed with you. It will not give a proper yield as I want. You have not built the floor as per the terms of contract.  According to your plan, the rooms are started to make in small size. It is not at all proper shaped. There is no space for gardening also in front of the house. No space is there for balcony also. All the rooms are not arranged sequentially. There is not proper ventilator in the rooms also. I told you not to make many stairs because of my aged grandmother. But you have made a lot of stairs. There should be another entrance gate in the house. 

Under this situation, I want you to take proper action immediately, otherwise I will withdraw from the project due to the change of layout plan. I would appreciate if you could organize to fix this problem correctly. 

Looking forward to a quick action in this regard from your side. Thanking you in anticipation.


(Your name)

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