Poor Quality of The Product Complaint Letter: 4 Template

Sometimes you have received some bad quality products from any shopping platform like Amazon, now what should you do in this situation? You can easily complain to the respective authority with a complaint letter.

Here it’s crucial to mention the points with some relevant words to express your message clearly. Now, if you face any kind of difficulties while writing your letter, you can easily take help from our sample letters below regarding this topic.

Letter Template: 1



(Customer Care Manager)


I would like to inform you that I have ordered a (name of item) from your (name of shopping site) last week and have received the parcel today and I am very much disappointed with the product.

The quality of the product and the material is very poor. It is not as per my expectation. I want to return or exchange it. My registered personal details are, name: (your name), Mobile no. : (your contact number), and my order ID:  (xxx).

 This is not the first time I am buying from Amazon; I always appreciate your service and product and like to purchase from your (name of shopping site). Though it never happened to me, I am experiencing this type of inconvenience for the first time.

I have expected that like earlier this time also I will have a great shopping experience with your (name of shopping site).

Though it is very dissatisfying for me, I expect it to be sorted out soon. I hope that I will get your help and cooperation on this matter. I am expecting a good quality product.

I will be very thankful to you if your (customer care department) will take care of this matter and will do the needful as early as possible and hope that this will never happen with me again and I will get a good shopping experience with your (name of shopping site) in future.

Thanking You


poor quality of the product complaint letter

Letter Template: 2



(Mention Customer Care Manager)

(Mention Amazon office address)

I am writing this letter to inform you about the damaged & poor quality product that I have received yesterday on (mention the date) and tried to explain it to your customer care, but it seems they still want proof.

This was the mobile I had been waiting for so long, but the screen is totally damaged, and the back cover is of very poor quality.

This is shocking for me as I have been your regular customer and have received the entire product best and in good condition.

But this time, it’s all broken as it felt like the packaging was not done nicely. I would like to request that you exchange this and send the original model of the same color and price as it is expensive and the payment is also made.

Also would like to request to return this damaged product soon as possible as I have worked, so it’s urgent. My details are my name (your name), Mobile no (your contact number), and my order ID (mention number).

It will be really good if you contact the seller and try to improve the quality and packaging of your (customer care department) product. 

I hope this will not happen again in any of the electronic products to your company’s reputation. 

Thanking you for understanding the situation.


poor quality of the product complaint letter

Letter Template: 3



(Mention Customer Care Manager)

(Mention office address)

This letter is regarding the product I received (mention the date), which is very poor quality. I have been trying to call customer service, but still, they could not provide the return date of this product.

The payment for the product was already made through online mode. So I request you to please send the amount back through that mode only. As I never expected this from Amazon.

I have been your regular customer for about (mention years) and loved your fast delivery and products in the right condition. But this time, I purchased a flower pot for gifting purposes which were all cracked and of bad quality.

I hope you will respond to this letter soon and send either the new product in exchange for money.

I really like your company and appreciate all your work, but this time I was disappointed as the vase is very costly and is a gift for someone. So I hope you understand this and will look into this matter soon.

Thank you for all your services and understanding.


poor quality of the product complaint letter

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