A complaint letter from teacher to parents for being reluctant towards lessons.

Dear Parents,

Your child (name of student) is a student of (class viii) in our school and now a days (he) becomes so reluctant towards (his) lessons. We are noticing that (he) is not attentive towards (his) study and (he) has no interest in it too. There is no attempt at how to get good results in the exam. (He) is not getting good marks in any subjects these days. Teachers are so worried about (him). 

We have told (him) so many times but (he) is not taking our advice properly, so we have thought to inform you because being a guardian you people can handle this situation more effectively. We are trying our best but we expect that as parents you people can make (him) understand better. Since we have to take care of the good and bad of the each student so it’s not possible for us to give full time particularly to a child. We all want our children to do well in all spheres of life and we should encourage them properly so that they can understand the important of education.

I am requesting to pay attention on (his) studies at home and cooperate with us. I hope you will understand what I am saying and we know that you people could take proper care on this matter and wish for (his) bright future.

Thanking you

(Teacher’s Name)

(School’s Name)

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