A complaint letter from teacher to parents for disturbing classmates.

Dear Parents,

 I would like to inform you that your (name of student) is a student of (class viii) in our school and (he) is not concentrating on studies and (he) is also disturbing (his) classmates as well. While taking classes we have noticed that (he) doesn’t let other students concentrate on studies too. We are sorry to tell you that (his) annoying behavior is disturbing our class’s environment. Other student’s studies are being disrupted too. 

We have told (him) and warned (him) so many times but (he) is not taking our advice properly, so we have thought to inform you because being a guardian you people can handle this situation more effectively. Even after this also if your (son) doesn’t change (his) attitude, we will be forced to take another action. (He) is ruining other student’s studies along with his own. If this continues, the overall result of the school will not be as up to the mark which none of us want. If this will continue, it affects on the good record of the school.

I am requesting you to pay attention on this matter and cooperate with us. I hope you will understand what I am saying and we know that you people could take proper care on this matter and wish for (his) bright future.

Thanking you

(Teacher’s Name)

(School’s Name)

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