Complaint letter to shopping mall for poor hygiene system


[Designation of addressee]


Dear Manager

I am writing to register a complaint about poor hygiene system in your shopping mall that I faced in my last visit in the mall. 

The condition of the toilet is very poor. It needs a lot of patience to go there and to use them. One must keep an extra handkerchief to go there. I went there by putting my handkerchief over the nose. Water was not properly available there. The flush on the toilet didn’t work at all. The sink you installed didn’t drain properly and the air hand drier was also not working. As you know wet hand spread more bacteria than dry hand. So, it’s really an unhealthy condition.

In fact, the floor was also not properly cleaned. The condition of rest room was very worst. Air conditioner was not working there. A layer of dirt and dust is gathered here and there. To a brief such unhygienic condition doesn’t go with this illustrious shopping mall. Not only inside of the mall, but also in the outside the condition was very poor. There was a heap of garbage just outside of the mall and from that lots of mosquitoes and flies are coming. It’s really an unhygienic condition. 

Under this situation I want you to look into this matter immediately and take proper steps as soon as possible. 


(Your name)

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