Wrong Billing Restaurant Complaint Letter

While writing a complaint letter for wrong billing in a restaurant, you must remember that the letter should be written in a strict manner. As it is a formal letter so you have to write a formal and professional manner.

You should properly mention the problem that you have faced in their service. Here you can find some useful examples of this particular case of wrong billing. It will guide you to write your own letter.

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[xxx restaurant]

Respected Sir,

I visited your restaurant with my family on New year’s eve. I am writing this letter regarding the poor service that was rendered by you on the occasion.  I have been a frequent visitor to your restaurant since a year and have also availed of the membership which grants special discounts on special occasions.

On that day we ordered a total of seven items including the starters and main course and the food served was delicious. But the issue came up when we got the bill. The bill showed that we ordered a total of ten items. I was surprised to figure out from where did the additional items come into the picture.

Though I argued with the representative at the billing counter, he did not pay any heed to my words. The waiter was called for verification and he informed us that we had given order of ten items. I am unable to figure out the discrepancy as in who did the mistake. Your restaurant doesn’t do such types of mistakes and this is the first time I have encountered such an issue.

I understand it was a day of a heavy rush but handling each and every customer is a priority for a business. I ended up in paying the extra amount and it spoiled my celebration mood.  Such behaviors always tarnish your brand image.

I want you to look into this matter on a priority to resolve my issue at the earliest. Thank you.

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

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